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Meeshka Perky
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I'm so honored! The five Happy Hounds have nominated me for the Dogs with Blogs Awesome Blog award!

I'm speechless! Well, ok, I'm not totally speechless, especially when I clawed my human woman to get her to log in and vote for me. I mean, come on, its the least she can do since I do all the work on the blog. Thing was, she couldn't remember her login and password. Are you kidding me? I finally get nominated (without going up and doing it myself under a fake name) and she can't even vote for me?

Luckily Opy was on call and hacked into the forum and got me a new user name and password that I put into my iPhone for safe keeping. Please go up and vote for me, your soon to be Queen of the world and I will make it worth your while in livergreat once we take over from the mindless (and password forgetting) humans.

Speaking of iPhone, I got a little package in the mail the other day and have been meaning to blog all about it. Yes, its the really cool, totally stylish and HULA brand iPhone pouch that the Ao4 clawed their human woman to make for me. I haven't had time to get a picture of me sniffing their fur mail to me (Ammy, I know how you feel, and really, I think you should claw the door and get out and get muddy at least once). Once again, I've been at the whims of the human woman who claims that she's got more important things to do than take pictures of me modeling my new iPhone bag. Are ya kidding me?

Oh, you don't have any time to take pictures of me, but you certainly have time to buy yet ANOTHER stupid bag... yes, she bought another bag and not one of the cool ones that the Ao4's human makes, which are totally cool bags, no she didn't buy one of those, something about no messenger bag types in the selections and since she has no shoulders (seriously, she has a neck and arms, but its like all one piece, you think I cartoon her funny, really, she has no shoulders) but if the Ao4 human WERE to create a cool messenger bag with a really long strap, she would most certainly buy one... because she doesn't have enough bags already.

On top of which, she also has no time because she was outside in this horrible heat (yes, its like 100,000 degrees in Merryland today) watering the grass with a hose. Then Spineless Bionic Hip puppy Sam decided it would be great fun to chase the water, so he got wet, then the human woman decided that it would be funny to squirt the Mutatoe, but he ran screaming like a little girl dog... then she set her sights on me and got my fluffiness all wet! The nerve of her. But she's got a bit of a surprise when she goes to bed, as I sopped the water off of me by laying on her pillow.



  1. Since I knew mine, I went, I saw, I voted!

    Woo will SOOOOO get her -

    *very hearty laught here*


  2. I would vote for you Queen Meeshka but it seems cats are not allowed.

    Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat

  3. I'll go vote RIGHT now! And thanks for the mention, Queen Meeshka! We're really glad you like your HULA-brand iPhone bag!!!
    PS: If I could GET muddy knowing a BATH and BRUSHING would follow ... I think I'd really enjoy it!

  4. Our vote's in!
    - Charlie

  5. I think you need to start doing interviews for a more competent human woman.....I'm just sayin'

    Woo woo, KA

  6. Meeshka!

    Hey there! Mr. T-Bone Beasley here! Congrat's on the nomination! My human is an idiot too, and needed some help from Opy. How do we get stuck with such silly beings!

    Anyway, just thought I would stop by and say hi!

    Mr. T-Bone Beasley

  7. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Going to vote NOW!!!

  8. Of COURSE I voted for you!


  9. I really do think you should chew some holes in that nasty hose. That way when Mom turns it on - well - you get the picture. We are waiting for our account to get activated and will vote for you right away!

  10. Wooos, good one sopping the water off on the bed- that'll be quite the surprise for your humans! We went to vote but haven't been able to yet until we get INVITED to join dogs with blogs even though we thought we already did, so when we do, we will.... vote that is.

    Woos & a-roos.
    Star & Jack A-roo


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