Saturday, July 05, 2008

Storm Shirts

It has come to my attention that a lot of pups out there are being submitted to the horror and embarrassment of storm shirts. I want to apologize to everydog out there whose human now throws them into a shirt whenever there's a storm or fireworks, but honestly, it does help with the anxiety of loud noises. I know I complain a lot about the shirts that I have to wear, but they are comforting, if not a bit stylish.

The problem I see is that your humans aren't sure about what type of shirt and what size shirt to put on you. If you are lucky like me, I seem to wear the same size as my human (medium) therefore she doesn't have to squeeze me into a too small of a shirt that may strangle me or cut off the circulation to my front legs, nor does she toss me into a too big of a shirt, that won't provide me with the comfort feeling, or I trip over it, or (heaven forbid) I pee on it.

I'm sure you are saying to yourself: but Meeshka, my human doesn't wear a shirt that fits me, where can I get a shirt that fits? I thought you'd never ask.

I am now announcing the release of the new and improved Wunder Thunder Cloaking shirt.

Made from space age polymers, and improved from the first demonstration model that Mutatoe begrudgingly modeled for me, this amazing shirt comes in various and sundry sizes, styles, and is sure to fit everyone from the tiniest pup to the big dogs out there.

How do you know it will work? Well, it says so on the t-shirt, without the official Wunder Thunder Cloaking logo, its just a stupid cheap t-shirt and won't save you from the scary noises.

Remember, all proceeds will go straight to me to support my expensive oyster cracker addiction. So get your human's plastic and buy a case of them by clicking on this entire sentence.



  1. OOOH I like this new version much better than the old one. Do they come in Huffle size?

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  2. Ooo what a neato shirt! I don't get frightened at booms 'cause I'm from Houston where it boomed a lot. But my brother Chase and my sister Angel don't like them at all!

    The Mum here puts pink coats on me in the winter... I try not to be embarrassed.

  3. Meeshka, leave it to you to supply us dogs with a protection device. You will be a great queen. Does it work with fireworks, not that fireworks bother my much? (I did sit in my my Mom's lap tonight when the boys next door shot some off.)

  4. Hmmmmmm - I wonder if Thunder in Kansas AND Thunder in KHolWOOrado will want some proceeds due to THEIR names being used on the shirt?

    Woo do look phantastikh in YOUR shirt!


  5. Love the new shirt!!! But, do they come with boy style? Samuel and Kona seem to have problems with regluar t-shirts and pee on part of them cuz they are in the way. We need a shirt that has a boy part already cut out.


  6. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Love the new shirt!!!!!

  7. Meeshka,
    I checked out your cafe press store and while I don't require the magic shirt (yet), I think cafe press made a huge mistake using that doggy model instead of you! Wait, maybe they can't afford your services!


  8. Cool! An official shirt!
    While we don't need them ourselves, we may insist on getting them just for sheer style.

    Woos & a-rooos,
    Star & Jack a-roo