Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scotch Guarded

Copper asked what my human woman does when we come inside with dirty faces and feet.

Well, Copper, we huskies are scotch guarded. Yep, that's right, nothing sticks to our fur. We can dig and dig and roll in stuff and get all muddy and nasty and it just falls right off of us. Well, ok, sometimes we need a bit of a rinse. I have to admit that I got a bit carried away in this picture.
Hey, it wasn't my fault it was so muddy in the yard that day...well, maybe we had something to do with it, all that digging during non-muddy times, digging up all the grass... hey, that's what grass is for.

Anyhoo, yeah, the human woman had to hose me off after this one... you'll notice that she stopped long enough to get a picture first. But, all it took was some water and a bit of rubbing (no shampoo) and I was squeeky clean again. By the way, she was actually in a hurry to get somewhere when I did this one... remember, time your muddy messes to coincide with an important meeting where your human is dressed up, bonus points if they're wearing white. Make sure to shake when you get in the house too.

Now, in regard to the Mutatoe and Spineless Bionic Hip pup Sam's digging... yeah, they dig too. Because of their "special needs" they don't do as good of a job as I do. It takes them a while to even make a dent in the ground. The Mutatoe's mutatoe does make a nice shovel though, but he flings too much dirt. Not that this is a bad thing, because most of the time he flings his grubs behind him so I get them, so I'm not complaining.

Generally, this is about all the gimpies are good for:
This was Spineless Bionic Hip pup Sam's favorite lounging spot until the human's threw the couch away. Sam has perfected the art of looking comfortable. No matter where he's laying, he always makes it look like THE most comfortablest spot in the world. Even laying on the floor he sometimes makes that look like a feather pillow bed. Sam wants to be a professional lounger, but he can't find anyone to pay him to lay around and watch CNN.

Then there's this:
Can you believe this? This is embarrassing. No matter what position Mutatoe gets in, he always manages to look like a dork. I mean come on! This can't be comfortable, and look at that ample ass! Its so huge, he can't even lay on it. What respectable dog lays like this? So embarrassing.



  1. Thanks fur spreading the word AND the dirt!

    PeeEssWoo: Your bros are khute in that SPECIAL kind of way!

  2. My Mom has the shivers just looking at the dirt on your nose in that first picture. She is such a clean freak. She is always wiping my paws, especially when it is wet. I don't think she'd take kindly to me digging. Before she pulled the tomato plant up, I had a nice cool shady spot in the dirt up under the plant and it totally went against her neatness sensibility and she put pine straw over the spot. Then she pulled up the plant. Now I have to lay in my doghouse.

  3. Ooo Oooo I am GREAT at getting covered in mud especially right before mom has to go to work. She has lots of "mud face" pics of me, maybe she'll dig them up for a blog --Keva

  4. No mud round here, just as well because I don't want showering off.

    I think Sam is in an ace position on that sofa. I do exactly the same one myself, usually when I am glaring at Misery and master who are lying in bed.

  5. I sort of looked like that when I discovered that little cup that hangs beneath the grill. Dad's voice got real high and he was yelling and laughing at the same time when he saw me.

  6. WOO WOO Meeshka

    What great picture of you digging! We don't understand the Mom yelling about dirt thing!
    Thor and Marco Polo

  7. Do the occupants of your house know that they provide you with endless incidents to blog about? You sure do have a lot of patience putting up with them.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  8. I can't stop ha roo roo rooing over that picture of you! It's PRICELESS! It needs to be in the Guide to Being the Perfect Siberian Husky. Ha roo roo roo!
    Tail wags,

  9. OMD!! I just LOVE that photo of you!! Mum would hose me down and scrub me within an inch of my life! Unfortunatley for me I am NOT scotch guarded and everything sticks.. right up to the moment I rub my face on furniture and bedding.. then it comes off!! hehehe
    Ok.. much as I would normally leap to Mutatoes defence (brotherly love and all) even i have to admit that is one wierd assed pose!!


    Ben xxx

  10. Fabulous photo of woo.

    aaaaaah, the picture of Loki, has left us speechless, now THAT is a weird pose.

    Star & Jack

  11. We think Mutatoe looks pretty cute there, dorky, maybe a bit, but c'mon, woo just have to put a smile on your face with that one.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  12. Thanks, Meeshka. You inspired Kodiak to demonstrate his own digging skills here (with video to prove his skills)!

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  14. hi. I just found your blog and was hoping it would be ok if I link mine to yours?

  15. Hi guess what? Us eskies are scotch guarded too!

  16. oh how i love to dig, oh how i hate it when the sis brings me in a holds me over the sink to wash my paws and nose. grrr.


  17. Jan says if we ever come visit you, we have to take a bath at YOUR house before we come home. So, what's the problem? We have a hose. She could wash off any mud we sling on her as we come through the door. But nooooooo....

  18. Remind me never to sit behind Mutatoe. What a doofus :-)