What Not To Say

Ok, so as I last reported, the human woman was catching a cold and hopped up on nyquil again. Bonus for us as the kleenex treats are a'plenty. We got an extra special bonus bonus when the human man stayed home after lunch because he too caught a cold.

I don't see why they get all laying in bed when they have a cold, when I'm cold I like to run around the yard and play in snow, the humans catch a cold (I won't catch a ball, but I'd love to catch me some cold), they just complain and moan and lay in bed and give me used kleenex.

Yeah, so I'm torn. Its fun to drive them insane when they are sick, but then things like the following happened.

The human man has been napping in bed all day, oblivious to our devious ways. The human woman comes home, kleenex twisted into both nostrils. She dutifully does her usual household chores, which includes feeding us promptly at 5pm, then goes into the bedroom and asks the human man if he would like some of the soup that she's fixing for herself. He responds: "I had soup for lunch, I need something more substantial".

On the plus side, we got some soup for dinner (mmm, chicken noodle) and the human man no longer screams shrilly and flails when we leap on him, so I think this worked out well.


  1. Hmmmm -

    One would think by now the human man knows the khorrekht and inkhorrekht answers when things like THAT are posed to him!

    My ofFUR is still open!


  2. Would the human man be sleeping in the garage tonight? If he is, that would make more room for you in the bed you know.

  3. Why is it the dads always think they are dying, but the mom's still have to keep going like nothing is wrong? At least you are getting kleenex.


  4. Mum has been sick for three days and Dad is still sitting in his chair after work and expecting Mum to cater to his every whim, she hopes he catches what she has got.. so she can sit on her butt and yell at him to bring her things inbetween his rounds of vomiting... she can dream i guess!

    Sending get well wishes to your Ma and Pa..

    Ben xxxx

  5. This is sooooo true when the human men get sick. I hope you enjoyed the chicken noodle soup.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  6. .....so, did the human man get up off his poor sick butt & go fix himself something "more substantial"? Ha roo roo roo! He really should know better.

    Enjoy the soup & kleenex,
    Star & Jack a-choo!

  7. WOO WOO Meeshka

    What are you to do? Maybe you can post for new humans? But Kleenex are a plus! and Chicken Noodles don't sound to bad and jumping on Dad. Maybe they are OK
    Thor and Marco Polo


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