Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Still here

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Just wanted to post out real quick that I'm still here, but very busy.

1.) its the fall grub season, so I've been very busy digging ankle breaking holes to retrieve the tasty grub treats that are in the ground. I love grubs, they are so tasty.

2.) the human man hurt his back in the annual back hurting ritual. Ok, there's no ritual, other than he hurts his back every year and its that time of year. We have been busy bouncing on him while he lays in bed just to hear him scream. Its like playing with a gigantic squeeky toy.

3.) The human woman has discovered that she isn't walking right, which explains why her right leg is gimpy. She's now concentrating on walking correctly, which makes her look like even more of a tard, what with the stylish progressive glasses she's wearing.

4.) Its getting nice and cool outside at night, so we've been playing a lot more, which means the human woman has to come watch us play. Its the law, we need an audience. We're placing bets on when she'll fall in a hole while she practices walking correctly, and whether that will happen first, or she'll go insane letting us out, then in, then out, then in, then out...



  1. Oh poor poor Meeshka and Bro's -

    Maybe woo should get your mom to walk more left like mine - that khould help!


  2. That's a very nice photo of you Meeshka. We especially like how you are so subtly showing your very impressive claws! They must come in handy for grubbing, among other things like keeping your humans in line. Jumping on the squeeky mantoy sounds fun.

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & jack a-roo

  3. Nice to see you have your priorities straight! Keeping those two leggeds in line (well some kind of line where the tard is concerned) a captive audience is an absolute MUST HAVE!
    Ive been grub hunting this morning.. of course my claws are nowhere near as impressive as yours so I wasn't too effective, that darn excuse for a human and her tools of torture made them too darn short!

    We miss you of course, but we understand that some things are just far more important than entertaining your adoring fans!

    love ya!
    Ben xxxxx

  4. It's getting chilly here, too, so we've been wilding more. I think Mom expects it from us.
    Play bows,
    PS: May I say you're looking quite fluffy, Meeshka!?

  5. Woo! A squeaking Dad? That sounds like great fun. Maybe Dad will fall down the attic stairs again and we can try that. Thanks Meeshka!

  6. Ugh, humans and their aches and pains. I think between Momma and Master somebody is always broken.

    You eat grubs? You could make a ton of money. We have to pay peoples to come and take care of them for us.


  7. WOO WOO Meeshka

    We love your picture - you areo just so so beautiful! Sounds like your humans need to do more walking exercises to strengthen their body parts! Maybe you can help them?
    Thor and Marco Polo