Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Surprise, It's Nothing Serious

Yep, nothing horrible or serious, or even notable actually.

Not only was I able to freak out my humans, but apparently half of the entire world... which is why I'm the Queen.

Oh sure I'm getting old, and because I'm getting old I can manipulate my blood work to make it seem as though I either have a horrible internal organ tumor thing, or the horrible C word... or I could just be old and have 1 wacky value and strained my neck causing me to limp.

Yep, that's it.  I hurt my neck.  Don't ask how.  I blame the vet people for holding me down to trim my feety feets.  The Human Woman seems to recall that I was totally fine after the vet and three days after the vet, and only started acting dramatic after going out to pee and perhaps I slipped on the deck stairs.  IMPOSSIBLE!  I am stealth!  I am poetry in motion!  I don't fall down the stairs, or up the stairs for the matter... never... not EVER... ok, maybe I might have, but still, it hurts.

Yep, they didn't take any X-rays because they would have to make me sleepy, and sometimes that makes things worse because you are all limp and flopping around and if there's something going on in the neck sometimes flopping around makes it bad, so they suggested a shot of steroids in the butt, then 7 days of icky Pred pills and see what that does.

So, it's like 11 gazilionity degrees outside, I'm on Pred which makes me thirsty, there's fireworks going off all the time because of some sort of Independence Day thing (um, humans are not independent, we OWN them, duh), and frankly there's been a lot of peeing in the house.  Oh yeah, I'm not ashamed to say that I'd much rather pee on the carpet than go out in the blast furnace of explosions.  The beauty of it all... the Humans don't mind.  They just follow along with the steam cleaner and tell me what a good girl I am.  I KNOW!  Isn't that funny!

So, sorry to totally freak you all out, but it's my job as a working breed.

Oh, and if you are cruising my blog and see some pictures that aren't showing up, that's because some humans are stealing my pictures and the Human Woman's pictures and claiming them as their own, so they're hidden for now until we can splash a big honking © on everything... sorta like digitally marking our territory but in this case, a steam cleaner won't take out the mark.  Some people are stupid... as my friend Turbo always says.

- Meeshka


  1. That is SUCH good news!

  2. Woooo Meeshka!!!! We are so happy it was nothing serious!!!

    Long Live Queen Meeshka!!

    Holly & Khady

  3. Our mom gave us the news - we were really happy to hear this. I mean, not happy that you hurt your neck, but given the alternatives, this is good! And you know, I hope your humans are putting your pills in something really yummy for you! That could be a side benefit!

  4. We're glad you don't have the C word. Milk this for all it is worth for as long as you can, especially in this horrid heat!

    Thieves everywhere! Steal photos, steal blogs, steal used spark plugs ... (well, that's another story.)

  5. So happy to hear that your are in good shape! Those steroids really suck--water that is! I take them too cuz I'm allergic to pollen. They don't have no pollen Siberia!

  6. Yay, I'm glad to hear that you're okay! And good for you for peeing in the house. It's totally unreasonable that they would make you go out when it's so hot outside. Heh Heh.


  7. I hope that butt shot works because it sounds kind of painful to me. I have no doubt that you were harmed during your nail trimming. Gosh, it takes THREE humans to do my nails for sure.

    I bet your mom has been mental fits worrying about you. Feel better.


  8. So glad to hear your news...and hope your neck/leg is better real soon! Now get some nice cool rest...we can't wait for the cooler temps over here. Keep well, and more scares, okay? :-) Sending you lots of Husky hugs from the Five and I!