More Coffee Please

I have to say that I enjoy the creature comforts of this house. Although I'm not on the show dog circuit where I should be, staying at luxury hotels and surrounded by minions and fans, living here does have its advantages.

Not only do I get to claw the human leg once in a while, then look all cute and fluffy aftewards so they forgive me, but lately the human man has been bringing me coffee in bed.

Wow! I've really trained them very well apparently. I mean, it couldn't have been for the lazy human woman who was still in bed fast asleep, since he placed it right near my head on my nightstand. I happen to like coffee, and I also happen to like coffee just like the human woman; with cream and sugar.

The other morning, lazy human woman was still in bed, and the human man apparently realized how hard I work all day by napping, tattling on the idiots boys, and being cute, and he brought me a nice hot cup of coffee. I know better than to drink it right away, so I waited until the human woman got up and stumbled into the bathroom, then enjoyed my fresh beverage, barely spilling a drop. Very tasty. I later woo'd a thank you to him, but he doesn't understand our language. He was also out of range for a leg claw.

Tonight something odd happened. I was in the middle of showing Loki (mutant gimpy suck up) who was boss (me) by humping on him, when all of a sudden, Sammy lost his mind and decided he wanted to be boss of the yard and he jumped on me. HE JUMPED ON ME!!!

How demeaning! How dare he! Loki lost all respect for me, and even had the gall to start chasing me and body slamming me! ME!!!! I get no respect in the yard anymore. Someone is always jumping on me, Loki waits and stalks me so I have to skitter butt to the house, tail tucked so he doesn't grab it.

Its been a rough week for me.



  1. What is with your house mates? Have they lost all sense?!


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