Steps to insanity

The human woman came home at our lunch and stayed home because she didn’t feel good. Therefore:

We stood out in the rain and dug big, deep, muddy holes for grubs.

We ran inside all the way up the stairs, into the kitchen, out of the kitchen, down the hall, and jumped on the bed with muddy feet because she forgot to close the door to the back room so we couldn’t get into the house before she wiped out paws. By the time she caught up to us, our feet were clean and we were dry thanks to the bed.

She tried to nap but spent most of the time swiping out bits of mud and wet hair from the covers and complaining.

We went back outside and did the same thing (she never learns and she’s more forgetful when she doesn’t feel good), except this time I bathed my feet in the water bowl then chased the Mutatoe around the house so now there are wet, muddy prints all over (hey, she wanted white walls).

She went upstairs to get our heartworm pills and found Loki laying in his crate looking extremely guilty and trying to cover a blue potholder with his ample ass. She got it out and gave him an oyster cracker, then had to give me one because I caught her giving him one, then Sam came up and then we all got another one because we saw that Sam got one...

So, a productive day all around.

(clean feet are happy feet)


  1. My great-aunt Maxine used to wash her feet in the water bowl too!

    I'm still not sure what oyster crackers are though, are they oyster shaped?

    Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat

  2. Mmmmm, oyster crackers! We love those too, especially floating on clam chowder. Sounds like a good day.

    Star & Jack a-roo

  3. I need a nap now -

    That sounded like such fun!

    Hope you do it again sometime soon!


  4. Well she should thank you for sharing your mud with her. And everybuddy knows white walls are borrrrring. She should be grateful for your artistic contributions.
    Pee S: We hope Mom feels better today.

  5. It rained kitties & puppies in PGH over the weekend. Daddy let us in frum outside & we dashed up to the bedroom to see our mommy where she was taking a nap. She woke up to the 2 of us hugging her in the bed. She made us get down cuz we were soaked frum the rain & gots the bed wet. All we wanted to do wuz give her sum loving. We couldn't helps it that our coats were wet! By the time we got down on the floor we were alot dryer than mommy was tho. Meeshka, sumtimes us Sibes are sooooo misunderstood!!!!

    -Cosmos & Juneau-


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