And Stretch, One, Two, Three

Meeshka, preparing to pounce
Originally uploaded by Shmoomeema.
I just got up from napping in the flowerless bed around the tree.

There use to be flowers in there. Every spring these little yellow flowers with happy little faces kept blooming. Every spring the human woman would go out there and gaze upon them and smile... So we destroyed them for her.

First we just ate off the pretty flower part, but they came back.

Then we ripped up the flower part and the stem part, but they came back.

Took us another year to figure out that we had to dig really deep and pull out these bulb things that caused them to grow, and that took care of those pesky flowers.

Now we have a comfortable bed of weeds and dirt to lay in, and not have to deal with those pretty flower things that got in our way.

The human woman didn't even congratulate us for figuring out how to get rid of them. Geez, do her a favor and no recognition.

(Is there dirt on my po-po?)


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