My Own Personal Air Vent

All air vents in the house are mine, but I especially like this air vent most of all. Its in the bedroom, so I can lay on it and cool off, then jump on the bed and lay on the human woman's head, then jump off and get cool again, then jump on the bed and sit on the human woman's head. I don't think she's had a full night sleep since I came here to live, but she's holding up remarkably well for the sleep deprived.

Its been a very busy week, what with all of the storms we had. Claw the human woman, claw the human man (he screams quite nicely), claw, claw, pant, prance, pounce.

This morning, in protest of the really high tickly po-po grass, we dug a very nice trench in the yard and hid it under all of the grass. I'm sure the human woman was surprised to find it when she finally mowed this afternoon. I think I heard a yell and the noise of the mower thingie making a horrible noise when it fell into our trap.

There has been much talk by the humans of victories over huskies. Talk of "locking things up" like tasty shoes. You know, if they really loved us, they would leave these things out for us to chew on. Oh sure, they give us bones to clean our teeth with when we gnaw on them, but its just not enough. We need leather to get those teeth pearly white, and what better to clean our teeth with than sandals. The little straps are great for getting in between the teeth, and those buckles really make our teeth shine. Some huskies say that the particle board part on the bottom of the sandal really bring the sheen out on their teeth.

So, while they gloat about their little victories, they are actually denying us good dental hygiene.

I'm apparently off my "bland" diet now, after a few days of poop inspection, which apparently the human woman deems "good". We're still getting crappy food in our kongs and not the elaborate treats and smear of peanut butter. The bedtime treats are few and far between as well, not to mention the fact that we hardly ever get cheese when we come out of our crates. I'm just hoping that during my bad tummy experience they thought they could get away with stopping all of these nummy treat sessions.

I'll have to be ever vigilent and claw the human woman leg when the opportunity for treats presents itself, to remind her that we're still here, we're still hungry, we want our freakin treats!

(foot napping, because I'm the boss and don't you dare move that foot)


  1. It's always a great idea to sit on those air vents, summer and winter, especially when you are wet. That way, when the air blows around, there is husky smell throughout the house. Just as effective as going the house and marking. Best to do both, though.

  2. Anonymous7:41 PM

    It's true, those hoomans have locked up those brikiestork shoes. What I'd give for opposable thumbs!!

    In other news, Whiskey stoled a towel and one of those fancy pillow cover things. The towel kinda didn't make it to the hidey place, cuz she wouldn't give it to me so I had to rip it out of her mouth -- there wasn't much left. But the pillow thing, it's in the secret hidey place that the hooman doesn't know about -- at least I don't think she knows about!!!

    We will rule the world.

    DustyDoodles and WhiskeyToo.


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