Ultra Fluffy Mode

Meeshka 20060617.jpg
Originally uploaded by Shmoomeema.
Just wanted to share this picture of me.

The human woman went out and got malaria, West Nile, and probably heartworms sitting outside in the grass trying to coax me to look at the camera.

She just doesn't understand how hard modeling is. Getting the right level of fluffy to come out, the pose, the tongue positioning.

Sigh... I need to be paid more, what with this new "no toy" policy they've levied on me.

(pet me, I'm fluffy)


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    When I was in the pack with the old guys, we had a no toy policy. It sucked.

    That alpha witch, Shonee and I got into a fight and I demanded my own space. I got it. You know us HULA's have our ways. Now, I have Whiskey AND TOYS.

    Demand your own space!!! Today, Mom says that I'm getting a mister for my pen. Don't know what that is, but she says it'll prolly make MUD!! Since I am gray and white, I LOVE the mud. I love my own space.


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