Labs Rule the World? Go Fetch!

I got a lovely post from Opy today: Opy's Blog

Opy is a lab that lives in some other country, and he feels that Labs will rule the world. When I stopped laughing, and I'll wait a minute while you fluffy huskies stop laughing, I felt compelled to point out that labs couldn't possibly rule the world!

First of all, Labs have very short attention spans, so they would forget what they were doing unless a human was there to remind them. Secondly, they get distracted easily, so there would be labs... determined to take over the world... someone throws a ball and they all forget what they were doing and chase after the ball!

They're RETRIEVERS! All it would take would be for a human to toss something and they'd go chasing after it. Its not like the humans would throw the world for them to go get!

So, I'm sorry Opy, but Huskies WILL rule the world. We are single-minded creatures with very set goals, and that goal is: RULE THE WORLD!

Just a few hurdles remain in our world domination, mainly opposable thumbs, but Loki the mutatoe is working on that, thanks to his curly mutant toe nails... its only a matter of time for us.

Yours in husky domination


  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    So if Labs want to take over the world, their organization is called LULA??? That's hilarious! My human sister has a lab and Sadie is as dumb as the rock she fetches! Although she did make it from California to Arizona when she escaped her doggy day care. That was impressive!! Rule the world?? Never!!! But maybe we could use them to fetch us cookies and stuff???

  2. Yes, Labs would be very useful for fetching things at we needed. But no, Huskies are the only ones who are determined, clever, and yes, manipulative enough to acheive our goal!

  3. You go girl! we're right behind you! after all, fluffy huskies are known for their teamwork...


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