Special Guest Post from Sasha

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OK, so my tummy wasn't feeling quite right. If they would have just let me eat more strawberry plant leaves, and thrown up, everything would be FINE.

But NOOOOOO, off we go to the freaking ER vet. A LITTLE blood in your poo, they want you to stay.

So they shave BOTH my front legs, stick a needle in, won't feed me, take x rays, fluid going in a tube in my leg, whole thing stinks.

They finally gave me chicken today, it's about time.

So I get to come home, and instead of a big feast for my return, I get a little chicken in a lot of stupid rice. And they keep making fun of my shaved legs, call me Poodle. They took PICTURES. Can you believe it?

Wait'll they go to sleep tonight, I'll get them.

I can't decide if I want to eat the sofa, or tear up the carpet.....

A very unhappy, hungry, shaved Sasha.