Leave My Fluffy Alone

I've decided that I don't like that furminator thing. Oh sure, it removes the excess fluff that clumps my delicate and soft coat, but its just plain annoying. Not as bad as the pully hurt combs and brushes, but just having to sit there while the human woman does it just cuts into my very busy schedule.

She got it out just now. I appeased her by laying on the couch (all cute and fluffy) and allowed her to use it on my for approximately 3 seconds before I pronounced "enough", and unceremoniously left the couch. I've decided that whenever the mutant pawed gimpy dog (who likes the furminator) is brushed, I will sit just out of reach, looking very cute and fluffy, and looking as though I want to be brushed. I will let out a woo and run to the couch, pretending that I want my turn, and then... I'll jump up and leave.

Sure, the human woman isn't totally stupid (well... not totally), so I'll follow her to the evil husky-proof trash bin while she throws my residual fluffiness away, and I'll look all cute and interested, and she'll always come back for a second try... the fool.

I wanted to thank my agents for the potholders, they will work well for our plan.

(still fluffy, still devious)


  1. Uh-oh, I smell Husky trouble. Potholders, eh?

  2. Hey, what are you doing with the potholders? I know where my mom keeps hers!


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