I can Smell It

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Can you smell it?
It is snow.
I know its snow.
I can feel the snow approaching, and its about time.

With the human woman hiding from my claw, and nobody but the suck up gimpy mutatoe to play with all this time, I'm downright bored stiff and need some snow.

I was able to watch some tv and the weather people are going absolutely crazy over the possibility that there MIGHT be a big snow storm. To them a "big snow storm" is like an inch. They are insane.

To me, a nice snow storm is what they're getting up in that New York place (by the way, that place has been around for a long time, so shouldn't they just call it York already?) They got like 100 inches of snow. Now that's snow!

Of course, we won't get that much snow, I doubt (because of the freaking out of the weather people) if we'll get ANY snow. You can't trust those weather people.

By the way, for those of you wondering, Sam is doing well, and he managed to pee in the human woman's shoe today. She's very pleased.

(Neal Estano, if we don't get snow you WILL feel the wrath of my claw)


  1. Pee mark. When you care enough to send the very best.

  2. Its not fair! I wish we had snow here. Maybe you can put some in the mail for us:-)

    Luv Charlie

  3. If I was there, I'd be able to tell you for sure if you were getting snow. But I'm not there. I'm here - in the land of the FURminator!
    Amber, Unhappy Amber
    ps: Have I mentioned brushes are evil lately?

  4. Meeshka,
    I think we should claw Neil Estano anyway. Just because.

  5. Our people lied to us too. We were suppose to get snow Saturday and Sunday. Now we're going to get freezing rain THEN get some snow. I hate ice! Ice is stupid!


  6. Watch it, Meeshka. You don't want him or the WBAL guys read your post on the air! We may be getting a wintry mix starting Monday night in the Richmond/Tri-Cities, VA area (where I live). See you later.

    Tierre (TY-ree)
    (the human)

  7. Hi Queen Meeshka,

    We're getting snow right now, so maybe you are too. It's been snowing all morning and even though the weather people said an inch or less, I think it'll be more. I love the snow too--I like to roll around in it since it makes me fluffier--does the snow do that for you too?


  8. You guys are nuts. Us dachshunds hate snow. It makes your feet and your belly cold.


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