If I Ignore It....

You would think that after 5 years the gimpy suck up mutatoe would finally figure out that no matter how much he play bows, yaps, hits me with that creepy mutatoe paw of his... I'm not going to play with him.

You would also think that after 5 years of him making me mad enough to skitter and screech at him, catch him, pile drive his head into the ground and literally scare the pee out of him, that making me angry isn't the same as "playing".

But no.

The human woman has the flu, so you know what this means! Yep, tasty used kleenex all over the place! I love it when the human woman is sick, so many goodies for me. This also means a lot of napping for us, and there's nothing better than waiting for the human woman to nap, then bounce on her. So much fun! I almost can't contain my glee.

Another added bonus is that because Sammy has to take pills, and Sammy hates pills, the human woman found that if she bribed him with the tasty croissant, he'll sit still for his pill if he knows that he'll get tasty croissant after the pill. Since the tasty croissant are located in the kitchen on a shelf we can't reach, we now plant ourselves in the kitchen at specific pill giving times and block her path so she can't escape. Her toll to get out of the kitchen is at least three tasty croissant bites for each of us.

Sammy continues to do very well, and since he's in recovery, he must make small HULA steps of victory now. While some of his "adventures" may not seem a big deal to us seasoned and healthy HULA Hoopers, to Sammy they are a big deal (and I think they are too) and just goes to show that he is improving and getting better.

Today, for instance, the humans were lolling on the floor sucking down their coffee and trying to wake up. They call this their "Sammy time" because while they're down there doing that, Sam is out of his recovery crate, eating and drinking. We know its just their excuse to lay down there and drink coffee. Sammy sauntered casually over toward the air bed that the humans sleep on down there. He sniffed it, like he's sniffed it before. Then magically, one minute he's on the floor, and the next he's proudly standing on the air bed, wagging his tail, very proud of himself. From our upstairs seats, Loki and I applauded loudly. What a moment!

The human woman carried him off it, but you can't ever take that moment away from him.

One small step for a husky... one giant leap for husky kind.

(is it pill time yet?)


  1. Croissants and HULA steps for Sammy. Doesn't get much better than that, Meeshka (well, I guess if your young charge understood his place in the world, that would be better). And an added Kleenax bonus. The BC Brigade should be so lucky. Maybe you could send some of the human woman's germs to us and we could infect our humans and then we'd have some Kleenax too.

    I'll watch the mailbox.

    Have a good week-end

  2. Way to go, Sam! Ha rooooo!
    Mmm.... croissants. I've heard great tales about those. Our bipeds once took our great-sisters on vacation in France. These nice ladies brought cafe au lait and croissants to their room every morning. They were so enamored with Jesse and Lucky that they HAND FED them Mom and Dad's croissants. Mmmm.... THAT'S a vacation worth taking!
    Play bows,

  3. Maybe Sammy can somehow get control of the air bed, and make the humans sleep either on the couch or the floor!! He needs to get up there and immediately lay down! Then, when they try to move him off, it will be much more difficult, and he can screech and grumble at them until they just leave him there!!


  4. Be nice to your Mom if she has the flu. She feels baaaaddd!

    Glad Sammy is working on his climbing. It sounds like he is getting better.

  5. I'm so happy Sammy is doing so well!

  6. mmmmmm, croissants.

    *dribble'n drool*

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin (who has to lose 5 kilos, pah!) xo

  7. Woooo Sammy! You should "accidently" pop their bed with your claws, it would make you feel better, we're just sure of it & hey what can they do to you, you're injured for dogsake!


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