Sunday, February 25, 2007

Odds (like Loki) and Ends

What an exciting day, I'm sure you can see the excitement on my face here. Once again locked out of the bottom room, no sniffing for goodies, or playing with Sammy... not yet. We did get a quick visit the other day, but not for very long.
The human woman spent all weekend down there with Sammy. Oh sure, she came upstairs for some obligatory petting and belly rubs, but I'm going through human woman withdrawal. I need someone to claw 24X7, I need someone waiting on me hand and foot all the time, scratching my tummy when I want it scratched, not some obligatory fly by, "oh, its you laying in my way, how about some quick attention before I go back down and give Sammy all sorts of treats and attention". Harumpf.

We had some questions about the lame anti-Sam-jumping on the couch device, so here is a picture of such a device. As you can see, its very impressive, that big piece of cardboard shoved against a coffee table. Sam appears to be totally stumped about how to defeat such a high-tech device. Yeah, right, he gets on the couch like nothing was there, and the humans continue to be amazed at his ingenuity. These are people that drive cars and are responsible for banking transactions. Come on, if they're amazed by this, then taking over the world will surely be a piece of cake. By the way, Sam's fur still isn't growing back very fast, and he still looks like a dork.

The good news for today is that it actually SNOWED and we got to play in the snow! Well, Loki ran around like a loon, and I was smart enough to stay on the deck because when he gets in snow mode, he just loses all of his senses and tries to attack me. He's like a little gimpy pirhana, bouncing all over the place all happy and nutty. Here he is attacking me on the deck like a nutcase. He's lucky to still have all of his legs after that. Just knocked me over and started chewing on me, like he owned the deck or something.

Well, I'm a bit worn out from laying in the snow, so that's it for tonight.



Dakota said...

Hi Meeshka. It snowed here too. I got to play outside most of the day - well, I was trying to visit with the squirrel that has moved in to the yard. Bandit has a big old funky spot like Sam does. No fur. He looks like a dork too.

JustMeCopper said...

Meeshka, that picture of you at the railing is priceless. Such misery. I hope Sammy's hair grows back.

Khady Lynn said...

Looks like he is pile driving YOUR head!! And no, I wasn't laughing at that.

Bummer about Samnmy's hair. Abby's still hasn't grown back on her right leg after her ACL surgery, and that was a YEAR ago!


Anonymous said...

Woo Woo Meeshka...I wish we had snow. It was like 72 or something here in GA today. Bah hum-bug!! The railing picture was priceless, and tell you mom that I love the device made to keep Sammy off the couch!

Freda said...

Hey Meeshka,

That's a cooools Anti-Sam-Jumpin' device. Tule's humans could sure use that at their place. Tule is on everythings. Is it patented or can they use it under license?



MaPaw said...

You should pounce on Loki while he is sleeping. That would teach him.

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

I don't know how you stand it all Meeshka. You are a better dog than I can ever hope to be

In admiration