Sammy Has All The Fun

Once again the gimpy suck up mutatoe and I were left behind in the house while that spineless, bionic hip, Lymey Sammy got to go in the truck and on a cool adventure. Apparently it was his final check up to make sure he still doesn’t have a spine (he doesn’t), so he got to drive all the way across this cold, icy, silly Merryland state and visit the cool doctor that has the indoor puppy pool.

Sammy is quite a genius in thinking up ways to drive the humans crazy with his limited mobility. Yesterday, despite their careful crafting of an anti-Sammy-jumping-on-the-couch device, he managed to thwart their lame attempts and was laying on the couch smiling when the human woman abandoned us and went back down there to spend time with him.

Today he managed to hold a whole lot of pee, refused to pee outside of the doctor’s office, and the moment the human woman plopped her big butt in a waiting room chair, squatted and peed a river, right in the waiting room! Not only did he pee a river, but when he pees like a girl, he can shoot pee across a room practically. This was particularly worrisome to some humans that had their little dachshund wiener dog sitting on their lap, as the fountain of pee came pretty close to their feet. Afterwards, Sammy did a little victory dance, and wiggled happily when the guy with the mop came out.

Apparently Sammy is 70% healed (well, he may be 70% healed, but the fur isn’t growing back, so he’s still 100% ridiculous looking), so they’re lifting some of his restrictions. Of course, we haven’t seen any lifting of our restrictions, we’re still left to our own devices, and frankly its very boring without an audience, so we just lay around and pout most of the time. I tell you, pouting is very tiring.

So, in the next few weeks (geez, like he hasn’t been an attention leech long enough) Sam will get to walk around outside without that stupid sling thing, he’ll have to be on a leash though, and he’ll still have to go out by himself because he’s not well enough for us to tackle and pounce on him. He’ll get to walk outside more, he also gets to walk up the three steps to the back yard, but he can’t walk down them yet, that’ll take a few more weeks, especially since Sam’s method of walking down three steps is actually swan diving down them... yeah, that freaks the humans out.

We’ll get short visits with Sam downstairs in a while, which is cool. I don’t know if we each get a visit, or if we’ll have one big massive husky visit, which I’m sure will be non-stressful to the humans, hehehe. Pretty soon, we’ll all be back to normal and on our original mission to take over the world and drive the humans insane in the process.

Oh, the doctor is pretty sure that his little leaking issue will clear up once he’s off the medicine, and he doesn’t have to swim anymore because he’s doing amazingly well for a recovering spine surgical dog. Apparently his surgeon was just amazed and happy at how he’s doing... leave it to the suck up to be the best healing dog in the world. Sometimes I think he hurts himself just to show everyone just how well he heals. Look everyone, its the amazing healing dog!

So, to celebrate his new found less restrictions, he immediately foiled the anti-couch device again and was laying there all happy and waggy tail when the human woman came back down the stairs. We applauded him from our vantage point for his insolence.

(so glad Sammy is healing so the attention can come back to ME!)


  1. It sure is good he is healing so well! And, it's a good thing the attention will soon be back to being all YOURS!


  2. We're happy to hear about a husky healing well, even if it is an attention-grabbing spineless limey one!
    Truly, Sam, we're rooting for ya!
    -Star & Sherms

  3. You will have to give him a good sniffing on your Husky visits.

  4. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Woo Woo Meeshka.... glad that you reported that Sammy is doing better! Thanks for the report! See ya on Sibernet :)
    Sitka (and my mom, Shelli)

  5. Hi Meeshka,
    I am happy that Sammy is healing, it will be nice for you to get all the attention again,
    Puppy kisses, Sooky

  6. by the by, the curious want to know how you craft an "anti-Sammy-jumping-on-the-couch device"?

  7. Great to hear Sammy is getting better now. :)

    ~ fufu


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