Its All About Me

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Sundays appear to be a good "all about me" day, since Spineless Sammy is so worn out from his swimming thing on sundays, and the human woman is up here with us more, so we get more opportunity to drive her insane and make her play with us. So, I'm declaring Sundays "All about me" day.

Today I did some major napping. It was a nappy kind of day, so I took advantage of that. I also demanded my lunch earlier than normal, and with no surprise, the human woman fixed it for me. I love it when she doesn't feel good and doesn't argue with me.

I decided that I wanted her to go out and play with us, and after some clawing, and grabbing her hand with my teeth, she decided that going out to play with me was the right thing to do, and she even brought her camera. I was nice enough to pose.

After a good play session, where I chased Loki because he was obnoxious, we came inside and I demanded dinner early... just because. Worn out from playing with us, the human woman gladly complied, just because I wouldn't let her say no.

So, all in all, it was a very good "all about me" day, as I got my way with everything.

oh, and here's a picture of Sammy swimming



  1. Hey, some of us are fascinated with the swimming therapy. Could you read Sammy's mail and tell us how that works and what the advantages are to it. (I bet Sammy has overheard Mom and Dad talking about that stuff.) I can see ropes in the picture. What are they for? Thanks. I know yu can put your Meeska 'all about me' spin on it.

  2. It so nice to see you looking at the camera again. You are so incredibly fluffy & dignified!
    Were those ropes tied to Sammy so he doesn't go under? He looks kind of low in the water there.

    Star & Sherms

  3. I love that Sammy's swimming!

  4. Nice to see you weren't snubbing the human woman as she tried to take your picture. I guess you decided to be nice to her since she did make it all about you today. And, when you can make them do exactly what you want, when you want it, like feeding you early and playing with you, then the least you can do is look at her when she takes your picture. Very gracious of you Queen Meeshka!! That's why we all love you and look up to you!


  5. Looking fluffy, Meeshka!
    Play bows,

  6. Wooo Meeshka, Great pose (of course)!


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