New Hula Member: Star and Sherman

Dear Meeshka,

Perhaps while your human woman is sick & napping a lot, you would have
time to review our application to officially become HULA members.

I am Star, an alpha by nature, but I bow to you. Sherman is an
excellent follower. I already have him pre-trained to give obedience
to a qualified female leader. And he excels at disruptive behavior!

We like to distress the humans by killing and dismembering small
mammals. Even though the humans have surrounded us by 6" kennel
fencing, we have an impressive list of prey, including skunks,
opposums, raccoons, and the usual squirrels, rabbits, birds, and mice.
(but we never hurt cats or Fu Fu hamsters, we like those.) Our humans
are especially distressed when I catch skunks, yet I must endure the
humiliation of a bath after my show of skill.

Sherman has managed to also cause distress by destroying things. He
is quite the hole digger, as you can see in this photo. And two days ago he ate our
plastic food scoop, causing Hu-mom to freak out & call the vet way after hours.
Then he got fed all kinds of tasty goodies full of fiber. Now she has to collect & sort
through his poo – watching her is keeping us pretty amused!

I also excel at guilting the humans, causing the young male to
exclaim "Why do you look at me like I'm some kind of ax-murderer every
time I have to leave?" This is always followed by some extra ear rubs
or a treat. Lastly, I offer a photo as proof of how cruel our humans
can be. Look at me. Is this not pathetic? I will NEVER
allow them to do this again. It just ain't right.

We hope to hear that we have been accepted into the ranks of HULA. We
would love to display the logo on our website, Cyber-sibes: Siberians
in cyber-space


Star and Sherman

P.S. Dear Meeshka,

I'm writing on Sherman's behalf, as I think his latest caper is worthy
of adding to our HULA application we sent you a week or so ago.

As part of his non-food diet binge (we told yu about the plastic food
scoop part), he caused the humans even greater confusion and dismay
when he ate the check Humom left for the dogsitter ($160.00) along
with the envelope, before sitter-lady came feed us when Humom was gone
to a fun-e-ral (how dare she go to something fun without us!)
Sitter-lady says,"Thank goodness you didn't leave cash!"
I dunno, that sounds like it may be tastier than checks.

Wooos to you,



  1. Oh happy day! Thank you, Meeshka, we will do our best to uphold the goals of HULA. This calls for a whole wastebasket of used kleenex in celebration!

    Star & Sherman

  2. The hole to China is winner enough. The Halloween costume is just icing on the cake. Way to go Cyber-Sibes!!


  3. That is an impressive hole. Congratulations, Cyber-Sibes!

  4. You huskies are real true 'dogs.' I have never even thought of digging a hole. Maybe I am not a real dog. I hear even my sister Holly used to dig holes.

  5. Woh Star can catch skunks.

    ~ fufu


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