Sam Turns into a Lime

Ok, everyhusky (and dog and Fu-Fu),

I just heard the human woman on the phone with the human man. She got a call from the doctor and the doctor said that Sam was going to turn into a giant lime. Yes, that’s what she said... you dare doubt me??

Apparently they got him some medicine and they’ve caught it in time, but if they hadn’t, I can only imagine that this is what he would have started to look like.

I’ve seen what the humans do to limes too! They cut them into little strips and put them in those beer things and get drunk. Can you imagine the horror of that? They also use them for cooking. I know for a fact that they are very bitter, as I’ve tasted one that fell on the floor. The human woman made fun of the fact that I made and I had to claw her. It wasn’t funny at all.

I started to wonder about that Sam, after all, his pee mail is a bit funky lately, and he’s been spending time at that pool, and I know that the humans drink beer at the pool and stuff, and apparently there’s a game that they play called pool that involves limes. I think they’re just using him now to get beers.

(watch out, who knows what other fruit we can turn into without medication)


  1. Sam has Lyme disease? Oh no, I am so sorry. I sure hope that the doctor can help him. You better be sure you don't turn into a fruit. If you do, it would have to be a peach because they are fluffy.

  2. Oh Meeshka, this is so scary! We have limes in our house right now! I wonder if they used to be dogs? AAAAH! I better to hide them before my humans cut them up! Gotta run!

  3. Thank Dog they found it in time! Even you wouldn't want Sammy to get cut up & put in some beer, right?! Maybe we better stay out of the pool this summer, we don't want any part of lime anything, yuck they're very sour!

  4. Poor Sam. He seems to have the worst luck.


  5. Limes also go very well with Tequila, which for some reason, my human woman calls tesqueela, cuz she says it maks her squeel from the taste.

    My Sam likes beer, so maybe your Sam can come over and figure out what to do with your Sam's lime issue.


  6. That's so scary! Me, I like limes. And hollow-peen-yoes. But Stormy said the disease isn't a good thing at all. We hope he gets better real soon. That guy can't catch a break!
    Play bows,

  7. Poor Sam! We hope he's feeling better soon!

    Remember, when you have limes make limeade!

    The Brat Pack

  8. I wonder how the limes got to him when he spends so much time indoors. My brother had Lime Disease, but he still looks like a dog.

  9. Poor Sammy. He just can't catch a break!


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