Answers to some questions

Ok everyhusky (dog and Girl Girl),

Everyone has commented on the new human woman’s hairdo, and yes, she cut that mess of hair after she had her hand neutered. Well, I’m not sure if she had her hand neutered or not, but when we go to the vet and get stitches, that’s typically what happens to us, (unless we’re talking about Sam, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a spine or hip in her hand).

When she could only use one hand (which was a lot of fun, we made sure to put strange things in our mouths and then she couldn’t get them out because she only had one hand) she complained a lot about not being able to brush her long hair. I suggested that she use that fabulous Furminator thing she got to brush us with. Well, she always said it was wonderful, and got out that undercoat on us and didn’t hurt at all, why not use it on her hair.

Apparently using the furminator was right out, so she went to the groomer and had a lot of it chopped off. I don’t think they trimmed it even, but she seems pleased with it. For those of you questioning the “sharing” cartoon, that’s actually the human man and woman in bed. We use the human woman as a mattress, the human man is the big cushy pillow.

As far as the sleepy pants go, no I didn’t destroy them, although one pair does have a nice hole in it, which she still wears. The human woman bought every pair of sleepy pants that were ever made. She has a never ending source of sleepy pants that she rotates and wears all the time. She has started bringing out the shorts, which is great fun for clawing, but she still wears the sleepy pants more than the shorts.

The human man had a case of vertical, at least that’s what I think the human woman said. Apparently if you get vertical you have to lay down as you get really dizzy or something. He’s been horizontal for a few days because of it, so I don’t understand why they call it vertical if you lay down a lot.

So generally, between the human man’s vertical, the human woman’s cold and stupid hand problems, the mutatoe, the spineless bionic pup Sam... I’m the ONLY normal one in this house.

(fluffy is as fluffy does)


  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Meeshka... thanks for all of the info! You know, now that you say it, in the "sharing" photo, it is now clear that there are two people in the bed!!! Silly ol me! I guess I can not see very well tonight!

  2. I know your humans are glad they have 'normal' you, especially at night when they sleep.

  3. Wow, Meeshka, I'm even more impressed with you. I'm sorry you have to go through all that!

  4. Thank you for updating us. I think she should have used the furminator on herself. See how she likes her fluffiness being yanked out!

    How, exactly, does a human get vertical, if they are laying down?

    Thank goodness YOU are still normal!! But watch out, whatever it is, seem sto be going around since you are the only one left in the house!


  5. hey Meeshka,

    Mum bought a new pair of sleepy pants the other day - and when she put them on they were like way, way short - her ankles are cold now. I told her that is what you get for buying sleepy pants !



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