New HULA Members: Ozzie, Kayleigh, and Tehya

WOOOO Meeshka

We would like to submit our application for membership in HULA. I think we met most of the requirements in one fell swoop. Last night, we caught and killed a mink. For good measure we threw in a little escape artistry, made her walk around in the snow and dark looking for us, presented the prey to our Hu-Mom, waited til the wee hours of the morning to cause this commotion, got her to freak out for no reason! You can read the details on her blog. It's from her point of view but it's quite accurate. There is nothing like a little unexplained blood to freak a human out! Then she felt guilty because she called me and Antare nasty names...she thought we had beat up Sundin, but we hadn't done nothing to Sunners! HA!!!

Thank you for your consideration...
Ozzy, Pack Spokesdog

Although Ozzy didn’t mention the further adventures of the pack, I am nominating Tehya for her fine performance at getting loose and nearly causing her human woman heart failure by getting her neck caught in a rope.

And Kayleigh, who almost made the ultimate HULA sacrifice for her outstanding performance of destruction, race to the ER, and quick recovery in the great “eat toothpicks” caper!

Congratulations to all of you for your fine work toward world domination.



  1. Wooooooo-oooooooo!
    Hey, it's our buddies Ozzy, Kayleigh, & Tehya! Congratulations. Our hu-mom keeps us up to date on all your escapades, and Sherman's started digging an escape tunnel so we can run off to the Yukon & have adventures with your whole pack!

  2. I have been keeping up on their blog, and can definitely say they have earned their membership! Now if we could just get THEM to start blogging instead of their human, I'm sure we would get a whole different perspective on what "really" happened!


  3. Thanks Meeshka. We are honored to be accepted into such a fine group!

    Ozzy, Tehya and Kayleigh


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