Sunday, May 06, 2007

New HULA Member: Paikea

Okay, Meeshka, Paikea here. No way is my brother, Polly-Prissy-Pants (a.k.a. Malkin) more deserving of the HULA hoop than I am. Here's why:

1."Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior" : last week at Petsmart, they had the local greyhound rescue there. I know greyhounds like to run, and so do I, so I thought it would be nice if we ran through the store together. It took 5 people (2 of them innocent bystanders) to calm everydog down again as mom dragged me away. She dragged me towards the front doors where a huge Great Dane and a Border Collie were walking in. So I thought maybe the "no running in the store" thing was just meant for the greyhounds, and I was really looking forward to using the dane as a hurdle. Nope, mom didn't like that either. So I dragged her to where the puppies were having obedience class and I kept wooing then jumping up at the barrier. I nearly got 1 pup kicked out. That part sucked...I was aiming to get 2 of 'em expelled at the very least.

2. "Cause Humans to Freak Out for no Real Reason" : Well, you already know the Excedrin story, but there was also the first time I broke my tie-out and got free. I just kept on playing with Malkin and wound up with his tie-out wrapped around my neck a few times. I actually squealed because he bit me too hard but all mom saw was me squealing with a heavy cord strangling me. She rushed out and untangled me, but she didn't know that my own tie-out wasn't attached to me anymore until I started running off. She freaked out again and yelled for me to come back...which I did, as if I had intended to do just that all along. Btw, the whole Excedrin story Malkin told wouldn't even have happened if I didn't teach myself how to unzip zippers.

3. "Destroy Something" : WOL Only ONE thing?!?! Girl, I try to destroy one thing a day! I destroyed a heavy duty black Kong once. It took me awhile, but tearing at the edges finally made them all gummy and this gooey black tar stuff came off all over mom's fingers when she tried to clean it out. Her jaw dropped when she realized it was my kong and not Malkin's. Btw, I was only 6 months old and all of 25 lbs when I did that; so much for designing things for "heavy chewers over 100 lbs!" Hah! In the photo is pieces of mom's textbook (which I guess she still needed), and my plush penguin that used to have two arms until I ate one off. The bits of foam between the rawhides is from a pillow I shredded. Oh, and notice the mud I left all over the closet door too. What can I say? I'm very thorough.

4. "Human Behavior Modification" : I got my mom Kelly to let us sleep out on her bed with her at night. We used to have to sleep in our
crates all the time, but I used my charm and lots of cuddles to convince her otherwise.

5. "Humans Dress You Up" : I first came to Ohio from Texas (when I was 10 weeks old) in the winter. I couldn't handle the cold and being wet from tunneling through snow drifts, so my moms bought me fleece coats to wear so I could stay outside longer. Hmm, this should go in
the Human Behavior Modification category too, since my moms think clothing for dogs is just plain silly...and yet, for me, they kept buying new ones as I outgrew them that winter.

6. "Love of Kleenex" : Kleenex just rocks! And paper napkins too, I love those! My great-grandma spends a lot of time in my kitchen and she keeps stacks of napkins in her purse and kleenex in her pockets. So I steal it all when she isn't looking and shred it over the litter
boxes (the cats hate that). Malkin says that's just mean cuz she's a sweet old biped, but I say we can't afford to be choosy and we should just take the kleenex gifts as they come.

So what do ya think? I'm up for suggestions. I have a younger foster sister now and I want to be a good teacher for her, that way she'll know exactly what to do to her forever family when she gets adopted.

Playbows and wookie-woos from...

Congratulations Paikea, and welcome to the HULA Hoop - Meeshka


  1. Good job, Paikea! Love the pic of you muddy! In my house, that falls into the category of "freak humans out for no reason"!

  2. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Wow Paikea... you sure are MUDDY in that photo! Welcome to the HULA hoop!!!
    Hugs, Sitka

    P.S Tell your mom that you and Malkin need a blog!!!

  3. Highly impressive! LOVE the muddy you on the bed! A+++++ for that one!

    I agree with Sitka, you guys definitely need a blog!!


  4. I love your husky blog!

    That pic of the muddy dog on the bed realy made me laugh. Although, I'm sure you weren't laughing when you took it.