Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We remember a great HULA Member

I normally start my posts with “Hey everyhusky (and dog and Fu Fu)”, but tonight we are in mourning over the loss of a very brave, talented, and devious Hamsterrier, our friend Fu Fu has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We huskies were not aware that Hamsterriers only live for a few years, so that does explain why Fu Fu tried to pack in as much adventure and fun in as possible in his short, yet very memorable life.

While I normally consider small furry creatures as more of an appetizer, Fu Fu proved again and again that Hamsterriers were well worth their tiny weight in the HULA cause, and he was up to any task, any plot we could throw at him to help us take over the world.

Please join us all in a wooo that can be heard across the Rainbow Bridge, to let Fu Fu know that we miss him, but celebrate his life, and he lives on in our hearts. There will always be a little Fu Fu in all of us.



  1. : ( Wooooooos, Fufu, you were the only hamsterrier we sort of got know personally (we are generally not allowed near small bite-size animals) and thought you were one very brave little guy, hanging around with huskies! We enjoyed your comments, and will miss you. Enjoy that big hamster wheel in the sky, Fufu.

    Star & Sherms

  2. Meeshka, thank you for this beautiful tribute to Fufu. He'll be happy to know that he'll live on in our hearts

    ~ Girl girl

  3. So does FuFu gett into HULA posthumiously? Cool.

  4. I was both shocked and very saddened to hear of fufu's passing. He will be GREATLY missed. NO other stories and adventures were quite the same as his. It is definitely a very sad time for all of us at DWB who were fufu's friends.


  5. My heart is broken, Fufu will be greatly missed. he was always there to post a reply to everyone.
    We love you fufu and will miss you very much, Sooky