Sunday, May 27, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Hey everyhusky (and dog and Girl Girl),

Its been quite an exciting week here in Meeshka World. Ok, who am I fooling, its been dull. BORING! Ok, we had one little bit of excitement over the week, which I’ll get to in a bit, but for the most part its been nothing but non-stop whining and complaining by the human woman about her cold.

I swear, she does nothing but complain, and it was just a stupid cold. Granted, I got a lot of tasty kleenex, but she was even stingy with that, saying they were just too disgusting to give to me. Um, hello, I roll in dead things, give me the kleenex.

For the most part the human woman would come home from work, feed us, feed herself and the human man and then climb right into bed. I’m surprised our muscles didn’t atrophy into nothing from all of the sleeping we did this week. She complained of the stuff she blew out of her nose, complained about the hacking nasty cough she had, complained about the selfish MYgraines she got, complain, complain, complain. I tried to heal her with a good claw to the head a few times, but she just lay in the bed and moaned pathetically, which isn’t any fun at all.

The one bit of excitement we did have this week actually involved the human man. The human woman was going to work early last week, probably so she could get home earlier and head to bed, but anyway our morning routine was rudely interrupted by her selfishness and so we were at the mercy of the human man giving us our morning kongs before he went to work. Lets just say that the human man is certainly NOT a morning human man person.

One morning we thought it would be great fun to confuse him by going into the wrong crates. I had drawn out the plans on the carpet with my razor sharp claw so that the dense gimpies would understand. Loki would go into my crate, I would go into Sam’s crate, and Sam would go into Loki’s crate. Very simple plan, we went over it again and again, and laughed to ourselves at our cleverness.

Kong time arrive and we all ran for the crates, except Loki went into his, I went into Sam’s per my plan, except Sam was already in there! I swear these mutatoes can’t even follow a simple plan! I knew for sure that our joke would be found out and we’d be sent to our original crates, but the human man tossed a kong into Loki’s crate, my crate, and Sam’s crate, and locked us up! Are you kidding me? He didn’t even realize that Sam and I were in the same crate, and there’s my tasty kong, locked up all alone and I can’t get to it! He just left us like that!

Granted, Sam was nice and let me have his kong, being the guest in his crate and all (plus I fluffed up and made the “I want noise” so he had no choice), but come on, a joke is a joke and sitting for 4 hours in a crate with Sam isn’t a big hoot, that’s for sure. He kept complaining that I was taking up too much room, and I barely had any room to lay down or anything.

The best part was seeing the look on the human woman’s face when she came home at lunch to feed us. Loaded up with cold pills and goofy to begin with, she just stared at the crate, me, Sam, stuffed like sausages. She kept looking at my crate and the locked up untouched kong, Sam’s crate with us in it. She called the human man and asked him if there was any reason why....

Apparently they’re now wondering if perhaps I figured out a way to get out of my crate, lock it up, get into Sam’s crate and lock it from the inside. They are skeptical of the fact that I would leave a perfectly tasty kong without touching it... which is true, but I’ll just keep them wondering about just how clever I am. Next time we play a joke, I’m making sure Loki and Sam get locked in the same crate and I get all of their kongs.


  1. Oh Meeshka, you are so funny and yet I'm sure you don't mean to be .....I mean that's serious ... a Kong inches away and yet untouched for a whole day you had to share a space with Sam. Dad's just don't pay as much attention do they?

  2. Anonymous5:09 PM

    ha roooo Meeshka... First off, I am glad the human woman is doing better! Second, I can not believe the human man locked you and Sam up in the same crate!!! Maybe you taught him a good lesson to LOOK before he closes the door :) ha roo!

  3. Oh, wow, Meeshka! I can't believe the boys didn't follow your plan to a "t"! What were they thinking?!? And how did you bear being in a crate with somehusky else? Did Sam touch you? Don't get me wrong, I'm real friendly, but I like my own space!
    Play bows,

  4. Wow Meeshka, Sound kind of crowded, But funny. Nice trick to pull on th humans,

  5. I can't quite imagine you and Sam in a tiny crate. Thank dog your hoomans didn't end up taking piktures and having a good laff at your expense!!

  6. Hey Meeshka, that is really funny!! We laughed and laughed at your story. I hope those other doggies listen closer to the plan next time.
    Sometimes I like to go in Buddy's crate just for the fun of it. **Note to self: Make sure Buddy is not already in his crate when I go in.** ;

  7. Ok, that was a good one Meeshka!!

    But, it is a well know fact that human me are the most UNobservant creatures on the planet. So, no wonder he didn't realize the game you were playing.