New HULA Member: Jack

Jack the 9 week old husky puppy, caused his owner great distress by sliding down a waterfall ledge and had to be saved. His owner went down after him, also got stuck and had to be rescued.

Both Jack and his owner (like we care) are fine, but I’m sure now Jack will be leashed (as we all should be) on his future walks.

Great freak out Jack, you are an honorary HULA member at such a young age.



  1. Not to mention it's a good way to get a Big Mac! I know what they are.......... yummmmm........tasty.

  2. My human saw this on her husky group and thought it was quite amazing the stupid human actually went down after poor Jack. Thank goodness he has a human who cares so much!


  3. Hi Meeshka, I don't like Kleenex so I was wondering, does wet dish towels count toward getting a H.U.L.A. Certificate? I'm still working on the other stuff too.
    - Georgie


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