New HULA Member: Marley

I've been hoping to become a proud member of HULA, so here goes my application...:

1. "Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior" Ohh boy, do I ever know about this one! Beyond the every day screaming bloody murder when Mom or Dad leaves a room, I am equally as fond of noise-making when I'm about to get a meal! Gotta share the excitement, right? Well, one recent spring day, as Mom was bringing me dinner and the house's windows were wide open to get some fresh air, I screamed the usual screams of excitement...but I started to get worked up when Mom fed the cats first. NOT OK. I freaked out so loudly and so angirly that our neighbor lady came running in the front door thinking Mom had gotten hurt! She had heard me all the way accross the street, in her back yard. I like to make my presence known!

2. “Cause Humans to Freak Out for no Real Reason” I really enjoy chasing my, cats...but one of the kitties really isn't fond of ol' Marley Boy here. At the young age of 10 weeks old, I grabbed the kittie's tail as she was sleeping, and she swiped me right in the face! Mom and Dad were watching tv and didn't even notice the altercation, it happened so quickly. I decided that it was not the best idea to play with the cat, so I went to give my parents kisses, and they about jumped 10 feet in the air!! My face, paws, chest...EVERYTHING was covered with blood. I didn't even notice, but they sure did. A short ride to the emergency vet later, and it turned out that I had a barely visible cut outside my eye...just happened to be in a place with lots of blood vessels. Whoops!

3. "Destroy Something" TOO EASY. Aside from the coffee table/remotes/lamps/bedsheets/3 beds....Mom has had to replace almost all of her underwear. I have diligently l shredded and/or eaten every pair. Delicious!

4. "Human Behavior Modification" Easy enough. In an effort to ensure that Mom and Dad are constantly on their toes, I have made sure that they have not slept more than 4 consecutive hours by issuing my own brand of HUSKY FIRE DRILL at random points in the evening/early morning. Of course, they take me out to potty...and sometimes I don't even have to...I just want to make sure that they're still alive!

5. "Humans Dress You Up" Hmm...this one's a lil tough...the only time I get dressed up is when I wear my festive grooming bandanas. Otherwise, I have a collar and leash that match my coloring perfectly. I like to think I'm stunning enough...I don't want to wear clothes!!

6. "Love of Kleenex" BOY OH BOY DO I LOVE KLEENEX! And paper towels, and toilet paper, and napkins. Grandma has lots of used Kleenex that is sooooo yummy to eat. I also love to nuzzle the toilet paper roll until it's almost all gone, then take it out to the living room to eat. It's the BEST.

I sure hope I qualify! I look up to ALL HULA members!

Nuzzles and nibbles,

Congratulations Marley! - Meeshka


  1. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Congrats on your acceptance. There are support groups for the undie fetish!! A trip to the Emergency Vet was a good one too. Lots of blood - lots of cash. It's great that Grandma's are not real careful with their kleenex - old people and kids are easy targets. Great Work!!

  2. Way to go Marley, Welcome to HULA. You have had a great start already, keep up the good work.

  3. Quite impressive for such a young tyke! He has many more years of utter destruction to wield!!

    Congrats Marley!



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