Busy Day Today

Today is the day that the human woman stays home and sits in the front of the computer all day cursing. She says she's working, but she curses and types and I don't think they allow that at those places called work, but she does it here a lot.

I spent today playing the "I have to go out immediately... um, not really" game with her. I would woo and prance and bounce around like I was having a potty emergency. Human woman gets up and follows me down the hall (where I continue my urgentness prance) and then at the last minute.... I skitter around and jump on the couch thing and look all cute. No lie, she fell for it every stinking time I did it.

If you want to play the game, you have to have good timing. Don't do it immediately after the human gives up chasing you around trying to herd you out the door. Wait until they sit down, or better yet, wait until they pour a cup of coffee, then do it. That way, the idiot "rescue" suck up huskies that live with you will actually WANT to go out, so while your human woman is letting them out, you get to drink the coffee she leaves on the table.

Another fun trick after the human woman takes the suck ups out is to sit at the top of the stairs and look like you'll come down... but don't. The human woman will stand on the landing and ask you a zillion times if you want to go out (like you don't understand or can't hear her), then she'll hesitate, waiting for you to decide whether or not you want to go out. Wait for the human woman to walk up three steps, then come dashing down the stairs full speed right at her. HOOOO, you should see the look of horror!

Once outside, wait about 2 minutes, then scream and bang on the door to come back in... do this every half hour. The humans just LOVE it when you do this to them.

wanna go OOOOOOOUT? Silly human speak.


  1. Meeshka,
    We will finally get to meet tomorrow! RED HUSKIES WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

  2. Too funny. You should put all that into a book, "Stupid Human Tricks."


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