I'm feeling much better today, thanks to the wonderful bland diet, no treats, and crappy medicines being pushed down my throat. At least I'm not forced to scream and yell for the humans to take me outside every half hour. My po-po feels much better as well (thanks for asking).

Even though I'm feeling better, I'm not feeling 100%, and yet Loki (gimpy mutant paw suck up) still insists on attacking me. This picture is the Loki eye view as he keeps me in his radar prior to the run, attack, pounce.

You would think that after I've severely yelled at him and flashed my pretty teeth that he would understand that I don't like my tail touched, let alone grabbed, yanked, and pulled on. He keeps doing it though, and laughs afterwards as he flits away with his mutant paw. Dork.

This morning I freaked the human woman out by not waking her at the usual 5am. We overslept. Sometimes its good to oversleep because the human woman jumped up at 6:30am all freaked out and checked to make sure I was breathing. hehehe. I may let her sleep in again tomorrow, but then the next day I'll wake her up at 3am.

Well, at any moment the human woman will get up and anounced pill-pill (moron double speak). Last night I happily pranced into the kitchen, sat all pretty and let her shove that gargantuan pill down my throat and waited for my tasty goodie... and none came. Um, excuse me? That's the deal here. I sit pretty and get a pill shoved down my throat and I get a tasty goodie. Something about bland diet, which explains the bland food in my kong, the bland food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the bland and unfair no bed-bed (lord help me) treats.

Maybe I'll wake her up at 2am instead.

(bland food anyone?)


  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    We are so glad to hear that you are feeling better! You need to severely threaten that mutant gimp and give him the what for! As for waking up the hooman at 2am --well, me Dusty Doodles, wakes my Daddy up at 1am, just because I can -- then I go outside and make him play husky games to get me back inside -- you should try that sometime!!!

    Paws to you,

    Dusty Doodles and my girl Whiskey

  2. That picture is funny. Looks like one of those "stalking" movies.

  3. Hey Meeska! Am you guys gonna transport over to mine party? I'm gonna have a seperate part for my woofie furriends. Let Momma know how many are coming if any.

  4. Cool picture - i can hear the "Jaws" theme in the background.


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