I went to an Expo today!

Look at me! I'm in the car going on a ride, and what a ride it was. The humans took me to something called The City of Greenbelt Pet Expo!

From what I could gather, its a meeting of the humans that their dogs bring them to. There were all sorts of dogs there, some cats (ick) some birds (I didn't get to taste any of them), and some other little things they human woman wouldn't let me near.

All day, it was the job of humans to try to feed me tasty treats, which I spit on the floor and didn't eat. Um... how about some cheetos and you eat the nasty dry cookie thing shaped like a bone?

I got to meet INDY! Yes, Indy has his own blog and he got to be on Letterman because the humans think he can say human words. If they only know what he's really saying they wouldn't allow that on tv.

Poor Indy has stomach problems and wasn't feeling very good, but we got a good butt sniff welcome in before he had to leave. I also got to meet Amber who is a husky mixed with a corgi. Unfortunately the corgi ears are the only real corgi part she has, so she can apparently hear very well. We had a pleasant butt sniff hi as well.

It was a very tiring day, getting petted, having people compliment me on my soft fluffiness, eating crappy dog treats. The human woman did share a small bag of cheetos with me, which I thought was very nice, but made me suspicious. They take me to the cool place so that humans can fawn over me, they feed me some human food... I was getting worried that something was up.

I got bored after a while and wanted to go home and lay on the air vent, but I had to stay there and look pretty, which is really tiring. I also wanted to lord over the fact that I got to go someplace while the gimpy mutant foster boys had to stay home. They were VERY jealous of me and my new smells when we did get home.

Because I got to go someplace, I had to remind them that I was still the boss of the house and yard. Geesh, leave for 5 hours and they try to take over.

Well, I'm very tired from my adventure today, so I'm going to curl up on the human woman's head and sleep well tonight.

The PRETTY husky


  1. Sounds like a fun day representing the husky species. I still laugh every time I think of this idea of you sleeping on the human woman's head. Take a picture.

  2. Meeshka, it was so great meeting you! I can't wait until we can play together. I wrote about you on my blog too!

  3. Hey Meeshka, I love the air vent too! Glad that you had fun at the expo, and that you didn't get demoted as top boss at home!


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