Just When You Thought It Was Boring!

The humans were cooking on the deck (we aren't allowed on their precious deck when they do that), and we were locked outside in the yard. The three of us contemplated on having one start to dig, the others wait by the evil deck gate for the humans to rush down and stop the digger, and we rush upstairs and liberate the tasty steaks from the grill, when all of a sudden...

A tasty little baby bird fell from the sky and landed in Loki's mouth. That suck up little mutant gets all the goodies! He played (selfishly) with the warm, moving squeeky toy until it didn't move, or squeek (those outside squeeky toys sure break easy). Then he guarded it from us, lording over us that HE got the squeeky toy bird.

The larger flying birds were not happy at all that we broke their squeeky toy. We invited them to land and explain it to us, but they're apparently much smarter than the baby squeeky toy that Loki had. We were trying to be very quiet and save the squeeky toy for later, but the birds tattled on us, the human woman looked down from the deck and made that more than recognizable noise that said she was coming down and taking away the toy.

I tried to tell Loki to give it to me, I would hide it from the human woman. Sam offered to swallow it whole for safekeeping, but Loki was selfish (as he always is) and didn't listen to me (which gets him into trouble every time), and here comes the human woman with a bag and some dog treats.

"Don't fall for the dog treats" I tried to tell Loki, but sure enough, he "sat pretty" and got his treat while the human woman blocked me, and swooped up that bird in a plastic bag. She's very good at that by now. At least she gave us all treats in exchange for the broken, getting cold squeeky toy.

I know that she hoardes them, and at night when we're sleeping, she gets up and plays with them. She's so selfish, almost as selfish at the mutant pawed gimpy Loki.

(come on! Just one taste!)