Sammy Lounging in the grass

Look at this suck-up. All cute, laying in the human's grass.

I keep telling him that his head is too tiny for his body, but he doesn't listen. He thinks he's special, just because he's got a special hip. Yeah, special all right.

So, as you can see, we've allowed the humans to grow some grass in the yard. They get all excited and go out and look at it, fawn over it. You would think it did tricks and retrieved balls thrown to it, its JUST GRASS!

After the mowing there isn't any good grass to eat anymore, and its also kinda prickly to lay in. They mowed my favorite spot near the tree, so I've started laying under the deck, where the grass is new and soft. Of course, Loki has decided that he wants his new poo spot to be under the deck... where I usually lay. I'm not amused by his poo placement at all.

The human woman (never satisfied) has decided that we shouldn't dig near the gate. Granted, if we wanted to we could get out, but its not getting out that we want, we want to dig up the stinky stuff in that area. She put a stupid board over the place we like to dig, so we dug around and under the board. She wasn't happy with that, so she put rocks under the board in the stinky stuff, so we dug those up too. I heard her say something about big paving stones. I'm guessing those are the heavy things they put under the gate so we couldn't dig there. That's fine, we'll just dig around those, and then she'll have to put them in the whole yard.

Tonight is clean sheet night on the bed. We heard the human woman chaning the sheets, she had the door closed so we couldn't help her. All the time she's complaining about doing everything herself, and yet she won't let us help her. We do a great job of making the bed the way its suppose to be made (all bunch up), but she locks us out. She won't even let us in there until bedtime now claiming for once she'd like to sleep on sheets that don't have dirt and hair on them.

This is the thanks we get for being cute and fluffy.

(harumpf, I'm not dirty!)


  1. My Human does that same stupid thing when she makes the bed! She should know that it would be better with a few huskies on the bed helping!


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