Enough of the grass

The human man wanted grass, fine. We stopped digging and eating the grass. Now there's so much grass, and its so very high that every time I go out to poo, it tickles my delicate po-po! It was impossible to see which areas had already been used, so I'd tippy toe myself to what I thought was a low grass area to do my business, and someone had already beat me to it! I'd have to tippy toe out of the area, trying not to get rainwater on my delicate little feet and find another spot.
Each place I looked had already been used, and the human woman has been neglecting her duty to clean up after us, so there was literally no place to poo where the grass wasn't tickly, except for right in front of the back door. So... that's where I went, right in front of the human woman, and glaring at her while I did it. That'll show you.

That must have done the trick, because we got locked up in the house, and there was the human woman outside with the noisy machine thing, and once we got let out again... the grass had been cut, AND she went out and cleaned up the poo spots. Now Sam can go in his spot and Loki can go in his spot, and they won't dare encroach upon my poo spot anymore.

Now that the grass is very nice, we'll start digging it up. Can't have happy humans, now can we?


  1. I don't understand why humans plant all that stupid grass only to continuously chow the tops of it off. I doubt I'll ever figure those humans out.

  2. It makes no sense. Don't they know that you need short grass for poo spots??? What are they thinking? Good move, pooping right in front of the door!

  3. Humans are confusing, we dogs are not. as for eating the grass...isn't that called a salad? I see my humans eating salad all of the time, and it sure does look like grass to me, so maybe I should tell them I am eating my salad!

  4. You've got guts, Meeska, going right in front of the human woman! our grass was WAY too high, cuz it's been raining for the past 7 days. The humans finally cut it today, and now our feet turn green when we walk on it.


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