Paw Pilot

Hey Everyhusky, Meeshka here.

Do you lose track of when its time to wake the humans, take your nap, eat, run, chase after small woodland creatures, or claw the human leg?

If you're like me, you have a myriad of things to do in the house or else nothing will ever get done. That's why I recommend the PAW PILOT!

Made for dogs, the Paw Pilot has a simple paw interface (it only recognizes your paw, so the simpleton other dogs or humans can't access your files), it has infrared capability and will completely overwrite your human's schedule with your schedule. That way, YOU will get fed when YOU want, not when they feel like it.

The Paw Pilot is made of a gooshy, easy to mouth carry cover, impervious to saliva, and also makes a good chew toy to remove that nasty tartar from your teeth.

Wait til your humans leave, then get on the computer and order a Paw Pilot. You'll be glad you did once the humans start doing things YOUR WAY!



  1. I do want one of those Paw Pilots! I will try to get God's credit card and order it when he is sleeping!


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