Wanted: Someone to pay attention to me

Here we are... just waiting for our turn at having some attention. Below us, gated away from us, is the suck up bionic hip spineless puppy Sam, who gets massages, tasty foods, treats whenever he wants them, and the undivided attention of the human man and woman.

It really is maniacal how he's deviously twisted them around his little paw. I do have to give him credit for acting all needy and pathetic. He now lays on a cushy pillow and watches tv, he gets massages, treats, and attention whenever he wants. Sure he's locked in a big spacious crate a lot, but he isn't required to do anything other than sleep, eat, and poo. They let him get away with peeing in the house (although that has stopped when they cut his medication), he doesn't have to "sit" or "look fluffy" or do anything else. He whines, they come running. Just today I whined. Loki had sprawled himself out all over the hallway and I couldn't pass him. I asked nicely for the human woman to remove this obstacle from my path. She just looked at me and told me to step over him. Step over him? Is she insane? She didn't immediately run over and remove this impediment from my path, she just laughed at my predicament! Had it been Sammy asking her to move the big lump of Loki out of his way and I'm sure she would have leapt to her feet, scooped the growly little mutatoe out of the way and then carried Sam into the room for a treat. Me... I get "step over him".

Sammy is doing his best to get the best treatment he can get, and while I can't blame him for asking for, and getting all this special treatment... its not fair that he can show the humans that shaved back and surgery scar and just name his price. Hmmm, not that I would actually go out and hurt myself or anything, but maybe if I limped I would get some extra attention.

Meeshka (which foot should I limp on?)


  1. Poofr Sammy looks like my sister Abby and all her bald spots. Hopefully Sammy's hair will grow back, cuz Abby's still hasn't and it's been over a year since her last surgery.

    Try more clawing. And screaming in her face. Maybe that will get her attention.


  2. Sammy is sitting on purpose in that picture right??? He can walk right???

  3. Yes, Sam can walk just fine. that's his "look at me, I'm pathetic, please give me some roast" look.


  4. Woo, Sam's looking a lot better.
    If you want to, you can come live here until he's well enough for you to beat him up. Stormy was laying blocking my path into the kitchen the other night and I woo wooed about it. I didn't want to step over her (it's on her list of "don't even think about it" rules). Sure, I could have walked through the dining room, but I wooed to my mom to help me. And she did. She'd do the same kinda stuff for you, too. I'm sure it'd be OK if you hung out with us for a while.

  5. Oh yes, the fake limp works very well!

    I faked heat stroke once, that worked well too!

  6. Hey Sam is quite lucky but not all doggies are that lucky like him..

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