Saturday, March 03, 2007

Look Who I Got To See

Meeshka visits Sam
Originally uploaded by Shmoomeema.
While the mutant suck up was outside, the human woman let me come downstairs and visit with Spineless Sammy for a little bit.

He smells different and I laughed at his haircut, which he didn't appreciate at all.

You can see he's trying to sit on me, so that hasn't changed at all. He really likes to sit on everything, but now that he doesn't have a spine, its harder for him to sit on something as fluffy as me.

The human woman was really nervous about me being down there with him, I have no idea why. After all, I barely clawed his back when I wanted to play with him, and I don't know why she made that high pitched keening noise when we both started jumping around and trying to body slam each other. He seems pretty sturdy to me, and if he's going to chest bump me, I'm not going to let him get away with that.

After we started skittering around and bouncing, the human woman actually pulled some hair out of her head. That must have hurt, she's very strange. Shortly after that, she told me that Sam needed to rest after all of the excitement of seeing me and I had to leave. Fine with me, I wanted to go up and lay on my vent anyway, so upstairs I went again.

It certainly was good seeing him again, but geez, if the human woman is going to freak out over me using both my front paws to body block him, then she's really going to freak when I pile drive his head into the floor for getting spoiled all these months.

(can't have these fragile mutants around here if I can't play with them)


  1. Aw, Sammy looks very happy to see you! You look pretty happy too, unless you were just laughing at the human woman when she snapped the photo. Either way, you look very regal & fluffy. Do you thnk Sam's fur will ever grow back? He does look funny half-naked like that. Maybe you could lend him a bit of left-over fluffiness? It's about time to blow our coats, our Hu-mom always likes that!

  2. I'm glad you got to visit with Sammy!

  3. Awww, poor Sammy!!
    You were sweet to him.....weren't you?~!?

  4. Be patient, his time will come, and then you can pile drive his head once again. Until then, there's always the mutatoe to practice on!


    p.s. glad you are back, I miss it when you don't post all the time!!

  5. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Meeshka... Sam will be back to 100% soon, but until then, no body slamming!!!
    Hugs, Sitka