Sunday, March 18, 2007

Been On Strike

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't posted in a while. I had it with the human woman, staying downstairs with Sam all the time, and not giving me the full attention that I so fluffily deserve.

I've been pouting and on strike until my attention conditions have been met, and I also want my own trailer and catering service. Ok, so I didn't get the trailer and catering service, but I am getting more attention, and we also got to see the captive puppy twice this weekend.

I think its rotten that they're keeping a perfectly fine, if not incredibly clumsy, Sam down in that dungeon all this time. Of course if he was down there all the time and I was getting attention, it wouldn't be such a big deal, screw him, leave him down there. Apparently him being down there means I don't get attention, therefore I went on strike to bring him back up the stairs (so I get attention).

So he still can't control his back legs very well, he was never graceful to begin with, and it'll be much easier to knock him down now. So he can't get up the stairs or go down them by himself yet, we'll just knock him down the stairs when we go down and he'll get down them eventually. So he leaks a little still... um.. ok, he can stay down there.

To get my demands I've been doing an awful lot of pouting, sighing, acting sickly, not wanting treats (and you know how hard that was for me), and not even clawing the human woman. Well, its hard to claw her when she's never around, but before my strike I'd wait for her to get up the stairs and then claw her for no reason. I think she started to think that something was horribly wrong when she realized her legs weren't bruised.

So, we're not getting equal opportunity human woman time. Sure, she still disappears downstairs with Sammy, but when she does come up, she's making sure we get our well deserved attention and petting. She's such a moron though, because at one point she felt that brushing me would be quality time... the fool. I allowed some very light combing, just to appease her, then clawed her. She actually smiled and admired the bruise.

Yesterday we got to go downstairs for a bit of Sammy visit time. He's a bit of a snob though, he thinks that whole downstairs is his and he copped a tude with that gimpy suck-up mutatoe Loki. They got a bit pushy and I had to throw myself between the two of them to get them to settle down, and sure enough, back upstairs we were sent. That mutatoe really knows how to blow a good thing.

Today Sammy came upstairs for a visit and we played a little bit, after some more posturing and stuff by the Mutatoe, but then we calmed down some (only because we knew if we didn't, downstairs he'd go again). I couldn't help myself and chest bumped him, then ran to the couch for a rousing game of ricochet run fest, but apparently that's not allowed either. Sigh. Down he went again.

Ok, so it was fun while it lasted, and we made the humans all nervous and nutsy with our smacking at each other and butt bumping, but still... I wish it were the good ol days again where anything went and I had unlimited clawing access to the human woman.

(recovery sucks)


  1. You guys sound rough. I am glad you are back though. I missed reading you. I sure hope Sammy gets back to normal. What does the vet say?

  2. It really sucks you can't bounce around with spineless Sam. But, at least you are getting a little more time with him and best of all, more time with the human woman.

    Please do not leave us again for so long though. I really missed you and was worried our Queen was in trouble!! And, we can't have that!


  3. Awww, poor Meeshka, that's not fair! Want me to come wrestle with you?