Monday, March 19, 2007

A Little Bit of Rebel

Seeing how we’re pretty much left to ourselves at night when the humans come home (human woman downstairs with suck up spineless Sam, human man locked in front of his computer playing some silly computer game called World of Warcraft... note to all dogs, get your humans addicted on this game and we’ll rule the world much sooner than expected), Loki and I decided to help ourselves to whatever we wanted tonight.

Hey, who is going to stop us... if we’re quiet enough.

First up, Loki deftly removed every piece of silverware from the sink for us to lick. Quite tasty. He’s very handy since he’s like one of those “stretch armstrong” dolls from the olden human woman times. He just ooozes into the sink with his stretchy body and grabs things and spews them onto the floor, where I get first lick.

Next, we found a sock. It was a tasty human man sock, brown, with a nice etched design. I think they call them “dress” socks, although the human man doesn’t wear dresses, and who would walk around wearing a dress with socks. Whatever, it was pretty tasty. At least it looked tasty, since suck up mutatoe gimpy wouldn’t let me taste it. Oh no, he wanted that sock all to himself and wouldn’t let me have any.

I told him to give it to me.

He refused

I demanded that he give it to me

He laughed at me

I slammed his head into the floor and walked off with my sock.

Apparently the noise of mutatoe’s head being smashed into the floor alerted the human woman, who came up, saw me eating the sock and took it away from me. Great, now she’s going to blame me for getting the sock and ruining it. Way to go mutatoe! She even looked for and threw away the other matching sock, so we couldn’t get that one.

(used socks are the best)


  1. Meeshka, I found this for you. Maybe you can have a blog-a-thon to pay for one.

  2. As long as you don't SWALLOW the tasty sock, all will be well!!

    Excellent job!


  3. Oh.. sounds like you guys have fun at night. ;)

    ~ fufu

  4. Well done!! Socks are very tasty I must say... :)

  5. We've been catching up on your blog & we must say, your treatment seems borderline cruel! We understand about Sam's condition but come on, have they forgotten you ARE the Queen?! Maybe you should consider knocking the human woman down the stairs as apposed to Sam since she is the one doing all the ignoring...