Saturday, March 17, 2007

Major Pet Food Recall!

The humans have botched up again and now there’s a MAJOR pet food recall going on. While I’m more concerned about the dogs... they’re recalling that cat food junk too, so please, get your humans to check your food and check the MANY lists of recalled items to make sure they’re not feeding you the bad food.

If you are experiencing lack of appetite, nausea, vomitting... bite your human and have them check your food!

So far the recall just affects canned and pouched food. The human woman ran upstairs and found out that the tasty pouch food she had been giving us sporadically as a treat was one of the recalled brands, but thankfully not in the batch that was recalled. She threw it out anyway, because she cares (even though she’s selfish and evil).

Here is a link to where you can get a list of all foods. Don’t be fooled if you see the “Menu Foods Corp.” and think you are safe. That company makes foods for companies such as:

Science Diet

Among others! Find out what canned and pouched foods your humans are feeding you and make sure you claw them into action to find out if your food is on the list.

Spread the word, spread the word!!!!

(I’ve been on strike for reasons I’ll explain later)


  1. I was very nervous when I saw that Authority was on the list! My human feeds me and Abby the Authority canned. Luckily for us, she gives us the ground, not the chunks and gravy!

    Now she is going to switch to the Blue Buffalo canned, instead of just giving us the dry!


  2. Hey Meeshka,

    Some bad stuffs! Like you, I hope all our buddies are okay. I'm glad I eat Flint River
    Ranch Dog Food. (http://www.frrco.
    ) It's baked and
    is sooo yummys.

    Thanks for the nose up. Let's hope our buddies get their humans of check their foods.


    Freda (Ƨ)