Friday, March 23, 2007

One Way to Drive Your Humans Insane

Please tell your humans to click on this link

Not only will they walk around signing this song... but they’ll hate those things called cats and we won’t have to deal with them anymore.

Thank you for participating in the effort to drive your humans insane.




  1. That song is as dumb as cats are. Dumb! Apologies to my cat friends.

  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    meeshka, my mom has already loves/hates that thing and yes she is now going to sing it in her head all day long...she also likes the ones about guinea pigs, she will have to find it for you. my cat is stupid, he's no fun, just sits on top of the cabinets all day, he doesn't dance, although i would laugh at him if he did!

  3. He Meeshka! We think that video shows that the only way to make cats entertaining is to use computer magic on them. We've been reading yor blog for a while now and were wondering if a collie/huskie mix and a Belgian Tervuren could be members of HULA. We have just started our blog and we'd love it if you could visit and let us know if we would be worthy to join this respected organization. Belly Rubs to your whole pack!!

  4. Cat - I'm a kitty cat. And I dance, dance, dance and I da...
    Oooh, Meeska. This is why you are the QUEEN. You have paid our mom back in FULL for any song (like Signs) she has ever gotten stuck in YOUR mom's head. Our aunt sent mom a link to the Kitty Cat Dance week ago and she had JUST now started processing other songs. But now? Now it's BACK. Thanks to woo! WAY TO GO!!!!

  5. Makes me want to eat the cat.