Friday, March 09, 2007

Prayers for Kelsey

This is horrible, just horrible!

Kelsey is at the hospital! After performing such wonderful destruction of the purse in his HULA submission, he also ate part of a shoe, got the shoestring caught in his intestinal tract and it started doing an accordian thing and they had to remove some of his intestine.

I want every husky, dog, and Fu-Fu to pray for a complete recovery for Kelsey, that's all that matters now!

Tonight (9 March 2007 on the human calendar) at moonrise, I want a prayer woo going out to Kelsey to he can hear us and know that we're pulling for him and to get better!

This is a very hard lesson for everyone in your HULA exploits: Destroy, don't swallow, no matter how tasty it is!



  1. He's not out of the woods yet. He needs more surgery as the new part that the vet sewed back together is not healing. He is very critical right now and is on his way to see a soft tissue specialist! Please pray hard for my good friend! I will have ongoing updates on my blog about him.


  2. We have our paws crossed & prayer woos going out for Kelsey. Husky mind-meld underway to let Kelsey know he's got a whole pack out here pulling for him!

  3. We are doing lots of praying over here for Kelsey!
    PS: My mom wants to know if you have a big Kitchen Aid mixer?

  4. I'm keeping my paws crossed for Kelsey. I hope he has a speedy recovery

    ~ fufu

  5. Meeshka, where are you, I am getting worried.