Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Change of Scenery

While the tasty fledgling bird season isn’t in full swing, the gimpy suck up mutatoe and I discovered that mole season has indeed begun!

I had myself a very tasty mole today, cultivated from the ground, all fresh and warm. After a furious battle to subdue this mighty foe... I lay him near my delicate little feet to let it get all good and tasty (and torture the mutatoe). The gourmet husky chefs all agree that you have to let the prey sit for a little while, not only so you can show off the spoils of your battle, but to tenderize it a bit.

Yep, you guessed it, while I was letting my prey tenderize, out walks the human woman. She mistook the mutatoe’s play bowing and agitated excitement as happiness to see her, but he was really saying “ha ha, now she’ll give me the tasty mole”.

I tried to hide the mole in my mouth, but that human woman is quick and she told me to leave it, which I did... dutifully I may add. Sigh. Over the fence it went.

To make up for it, the human woman let us come inside from downstairs. This is where the spineless Sammy spends all of his copious free time, so we ran in, thinking we’d get to beat up on him. Oh no, he was upstairs! He was in OUR spot! We sniffed every inch of his area, nothing interesting at all down there. I’m pretty sure the human woman hides all of his toys, and treats, and special things from us. I’m sure that while we’re upstairs, the spineless wonder is getting all sorts of treats, attention, and toys, while we languish upstairs, treatless, toyless, attentionless. Its a conspiracy.

Ok, enough of the sniffing, its boring here, so we demanded to go back outside, hoping more moles would sacrifice themselves to us. No luck.

The next time we were let in, it was through the deck entrance, and that sneaky spineless Sammy was once again downstairs, being fanned by feathers and fed treats by the handful. That’s ok, the human man gave us jerky treats when we ran into bed.

(one of these days I’ll uncover more evidence of the spineless Sammy spoiling and publish them for the world to see)


  1. Oh Meeshka,
    So sorry you didn't get to enjoy your tasty mole, Maybe next time you can eat it before the human woman see's it. Puppy kisses, Sooky

  2. Bird snacks AND tasty moles?? I'm moving to your house!!
    - Charlie

  3. I bet she hand feeds spineless Sammy tasty mole treats when you are upstairs.

  4. Meeshka, Meeshka, Meeshka, you really must learn to chew, chew, chew, and SWALLOW as quickly as possible, before the human woman even SEE'S you have a prize!


  5. Holly is right. I barely even chew my food just in case someone (STEVE) tries to get it.


  6. Guess we can no longer play with our food....Mom says if we play with our food, we will need to eat our toys. I say..been there done that.

  7. Anonymous8:24 AM

    ohhh moles? I have never had the chance to taste one of those. Are they worth the waiting and watching for them to come out of their hole???
    Hugs, Sitka

  8. Humans are so unappreciative of all our hard work. Ho hum.

  9. Well done, Meeshka. We have been too lazy to go out & catch anything yet this spring. we've been allowed inside all winter and have become expert couch potatoes. Too bad you were denied the tasty morsel, better luck next time....
    Star & Sherman