Honorary HULA?

Fu Fu asked if he could join HULA and our training session. This is a very serious request, and I had to go review your accomplishments in order to see if you were qualified.

Some of the most important accomplishments for HULA membership are:
  1. Demonstrating disruptive behavior
  2. Cause your human to freak out for no real reason
  3. Cause human guilt for no reason, other to get attention or treats
  4. Destroy something
  5. Human behavior modification
  6. Being dressed up as something for the humor of the humans
  7. Love of kleenex
After reviewing your case history (reading your blog) I see that you meet all of the qualifications (on a smaller, yet very impressive scale), and therefore I am hereby accepting you into the HULA hoop.

For your own safety, please continue your chaos and HULA covert actions in the vicinity of your cage, as you are a small, yet tasty morsel, and we wouldn't want an eager HULA member to mistake you for free range squeeky toy.

We are also receiving reports from all over about humans complaining about our training tactics. Huskies curling up on the kitchen table for naps, huskies stealing crab dig from tables (a fine piece of levitation and stealing I may add).

Keep up the good work everyone, and train hard

(almost got the human woman's roast tonight)


  1. Oh Meeshka, I so qualify. I am ashamed to blog about what I did today Meeshka. Today, my Mom put my favorite blanket in my kennel (prison) hoping I would be comfy and calm and take a nap. She wasn't thinking when she chose the blanket. Did you know that down throws are filled with feathers? Do you know that if you chew a hole in a down throw, feathers get all over you and your kennel and the kitchen and in the air and everywhere. I easily accomplished 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Oh on 5, she says she is thinking of leaving me out of the kennel tomorow. I already do 7 all the time.

    I am not sure but I think I am really upsetting my Mom.

  2. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Amongst the 5 of us here in the Big O, we have accomplished 1 thru 5. Especially 5. Our human is so obedient of our needs she is practically OUR servant! Luckily, she has never dressed us up in anything (but I can see the t-shirt thing coming soon for Samuel in order to keep him out of the bathtub during storms). #7 could be an issue too since our humans don't USE Kleenex. They just use TP. So, I guess we could try and shred and mangle the TP while on the roll, so next time they go to use the giant china watering bowl they won't have any!!! hehehe. We'll work on that one!

    (your very apt student)

  3. I told Bandit he couldn't be a HULA member, he doesn't do any of that. He gets all slobbery and wiggly and just follows the people here around like he's their shadow. The Mom calls him a 'Stepford' dog!


  4. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Meeshka: You should start a blog ring. Only call it what you just did - the HULA hoop. Ha roooooo!
    Tail wags,

  5. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Hey Meeshka,

    We are border collies (and a Renzo) at our house, but we daily accomplish all but 6--we can't imagine letting the people dress us up--though they do have special clothes for Renzo since he doesn't have much fur. We would love to help take over the world--perhaps as a commando regiment aligned with the great Huskys?

    See you

  6. Hi-Woo Meeshka,
    I nominate my lil bruther, Juneau (the demon puppy) to be an honorary HULA awardee. He ate mommy's scrunchie (then arfed it up 2 days later), he got into the napkins, unrolled her toilet paper, took down sum of the wallpaper in the breakfast room (daddy is not ready to work on it), & being a lil terror around the house, AND not giving me a moment's peace. Stop by our blog to check out what he has been doing (& to be blogging buddies, too, wif ya).


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