New HULA Member: Dusty Doodles

Queen Meeshka, Your Royal Highness of HULA,

I didn't think that as a Siberian Husky, I had to apply for HULA, I thought that we were just granted membership, and then I heard Da momma telling Da dad and I thoughts -- OH NO!!!!

So here is my official application. Sorry I don't have any pictures, the computer is acting up and I can't seem to locate where the human put them.

1. Demonstrating disruptive behavior Would that be when I wake them up in the very darkest part of the night and convince them I really have to pee (I do that by dancing and making my nails make clappity noises on the floor) and then when they finally get up to let me outside, decide that I really didn't have to pee, but I wanted to make sure none of my friends were out there?? Or, is that when they get all comfortable looking watching the talking box and I decide that I want fresh water in my bowl -- so I just pick up the bowl, even if it still has water in it -- and bring it too them. They aren't very happy about me spilling water all over the floor and their laps and stuff. But, they do get up and get me fresh water.

2. Cause your human to freak out for no real reason Oh I did this just the other day -- I ate bunches and bunches of olives that fell from the trees and it turned my poop bright RED. They totally freaked out, called the doctor at home, had her meet us at the hospital, only to be told that there was some kind of 'fruit' in my poop. The humans were really mad about that!!!

3. Cause human guilt for no reason, other to get attention or treats Sometimes when Whiskey and I are playing, I will cry really loud -- the humans always come running and then give me cookies. I've also resorted to holding my leg up like it's hurt and probably the best thing to make them feel guilty is to give them really sad eyes when they are eating ice cream and won't give me an Otter Pop. Whining at this time also helps and if all else fails, a really deep sigh will cause enough guilt for them to get up and get me my Otter Pop.

4. Destroy something Do 7 remotes for the talking box count?? What about the only picture the human had of her Momma?? I've also chewed through doors, porch railings and one airline crate. Blankets and stuffies I'm sure don't count.

5. Human behavior modification This is good Meeshka. See, what I do when I really want a cookie is to demand to go outside. They let me out and then I refuse to come in until they say the magic words "Dusty want a cookie". I then come running and sit in front of the cookie jar until they give in -- they promised after all!! This is really good to do when they are standing at the door calling you in their sleepy clothes or it's raining out or some other kind of weather that they hate.

6. Being dressed up as something for the humor of the humans My humans are too well trained to even try to dress me in any thing.

7. Love of Kleenex Did you say Kleenex?? Where??? I'll get it for you!!! I adore Kleenex, the more used the better.

Meeshka, I hope I qualify for HULA because you know I would always honor you, follow your orders and share my cookies with you!!

Lots of Woo's


(Dusty, I gotta try the red pooping olive trick sometime. Maybe I can get suck-up gimpy mutatoe to eat some, since he's such a butthead - Meeshka)


  1. Anonymous12:39 AM


    Sweet Doodles definitely deserves in. Especially since he has had to control himself so much since Da dad has been ill. That in itself is so incredibly difficult for a good HULA Sibe to accomplish, that based on his overwhelming self control, he should be promoted to a high standing officer position.

    Your loyal servant,


  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Way to GO, Doodles! Welcome to the HULA Hoop!
    The Ao4

  3. Doodles is honored to be accepted into the Hoop. Doodles wants to thank all the other HULA-hoop members for pulling for me! I can't wait until our first official assignment -- Doodles is ready and waiting!!!


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