Saturday, December 30, 2006

We WILL Get Access

The humans made a huge deal about Sammy peeing twice today. Big deal, I pee all the time, and suckup mutatoe pees in the house (unbeknownst to the humans) so I just don’t see what all the fuss is about.

I’ve woo’d do him a few times, and he’s whined back a few. He doesn’t feel good, poor guy, but when the humans shove pills down his throat he does feel better, but he’s already sick of the crate thing. They didn’t give him his sleepy medication this morning, so he was really sick of the crate thing and they spent a lot of time down there trying to get him to settle down. They did give him a sleepy pill at lunch, so he’s been sleepy pup ever since then.

One of the benefits of Sam’s recovery is the guilt feeding. Oh yeah, he’s milking it for all he’s worth and scored nothing but chopped up turkey lunch meat for lunch today. As an added bonus, the human woman gave us some in our food as well. Gotta love the sick food!

Apparently the new rule of the house is no barking, wooing, or riccocheting off the bed. This whole change of routine is really draining on us. We do something and we’re told not to do it. But we’ve done it for YEARS! We do like the deck though, its very comfy to nap on. We get to look over the fence and taunt the other dogs in the neighboring yards, and watch the neighbors and its actually much nicer than sleeping on dirt.

I made the human woman freak out by napping with my back right on the edge of the deck stairs. Hehe, she was worried that she would startle me in my sleep and I would roll down the stairs. I think I see some gray hair growing on her lately.

We also managed to knock down the baby gate and make a dash for the downstairs, but we got caught on the landing. What we didn’t know was that they deviously placed yet ANOTHER gate downstairs, so that will be a challenge to get through. The human man had to carry Loki back up the stairs, as he refused to go up on his own, a fine display of resistance for the suck up.

We had our 4pm play time with the human woman though. At least she’s keeping our normal schedule going. I even chased the suck up mutatoe around the yard for a bit and didn’t try very hard to catch him. He’s such a sensitive little twerp that I made him feel as though he’s much faster than me, which I’m sure he’ll brag about. He’s been playing very nice with me, and not grabbing my tail when I run, so that’s nice. I think the whole tail grabbing thing is another new rule, and frankly, its about time for that one!

So far, no pictures of the icky surgery site or Sammy’s stunningly bad haircut. I’m thinking that might happen tomorrow. I also heard that instead of the human man sleeping downstairs with Sam, that the human woman will take her turn, but I don’t know if I can allow that. I need her head to sleep on, and Loki is such a cry baby if she’s not around. We’ll see what happens tonight and whether we’ll let them get any sleep.



  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    You sleep on your human's head? That just sounds rather uncomfortable to me. Kind of like sleeping on a big rock.

    Double gates, huh? Sounds like you might have to hire a spy like Nixon to scope out the place and see if there is an alternative route to Sammy. Or maybe we can all come down and create a diversion so you can sneak in and woo. It would be a good practice maneuver for HULA. Let me know and I'll coordinate it.

    Your devoted follower -
    Capt. Zach

  2. Hi Meeshka,

    OUCH!! Just read The Saga of Scrappy Sammy, the 'Disc'us Throwin' Canine, to my secretary and he almosts fainted. As you barked, what a terrible Christmas, but it looks like it will be a much better New Year.

    We all hope that Sammy mends quickly and your (and your human's) routine gets back to normals as fast as possible.

    Wishin' you and your a greats New Year.


  3. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Try to be kind Meeshka, to both your humans (who need rest in order to take care of all of you) and to poor Sammy while he mends. As tough as it will be, just remember that the sooner he heals, the sooner you can go back to things like they were, and then YOU will again be the center of attention!


  4. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Try to be kind to Loki, too, Meeshka!

    Tierre (TY-ree)
    (the human)

  5. Anonymous5:54 PM

    You are in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery....Hopefully 2007 will be happy for you!