Where's My Pillow?

The human woman disappeared last night, apparently sleeping down with Sam. It was a good thing, in that I got a LOT of the bed so I could stretch out and be comfortable, but something was missing. Oh yes, the human woman’s head that I use for a pillow! Its just very disturbing to me when my routine is messed up.

The gimpy suck up mutatoe spent all night sleeping with his face right by the Sammy monitor. With each noise he would dutifully get up and smack the human man with his mutatoe paw to wake him up. “HEY, there was a noise, you better see to it!”

The human woman appeared at our usual waking up time and let us out, then back in. She then disappeared again to help Sammy go outside with the help of the very sleepy human man. Apparently by the sound of the celebration, Sammy peed outside again. When she came back upstairs to feed us (and its about time) I ignore her. The gimpy mutatoe suck up celebrated as though she had been gone for years and was very wiggly and happy to see her. I ignored her and glared at her. Of course I ate my breakfast, and then gave her a nice claw to the leg.

We got to go outside again, and Loki caught a mouse. He was guarding it, so I couldn’t get it. Once again, the spoilsport human woman came out with the flashlight and bag, and even though I told Loki not to give it up, he did, and over the fence it went. Sigh. We refused to come back inside, even though we know the human woman wanted to nap, which is our little way of saying “ignore us will you”.

Later on the human woman made a very VERY tasty treat in a big vat, which I thought was suppose to be for me. She even let me taste one or two and they were delicious. I remember when she made them for old guy-guy Nova, its like raw meat and a whole bunch of other tasty things that the humans call “satin balls”. She made a whole lot of it and I fully expected it all to land in my bowl, but then she put it away in the fridge and freezer, and carried a bag down to Sam. I stomped my delicate feet about that! She did appease both gimpy suck up and I by giving us each a small taste when she came back up, but it still isn’t enough.

We spent a lot of time out on the deck today too. Its nice and cool, so we didn’t mind at all, actually came back inside and asked to go right out again. There is a kitty on the loose, two actually. A black one, and a gray one. We could never see the kitties, but we could smell them through the fence. Up on the deck we can actually see the kitties. Loki tried his “stare at it until it gets bored enough to just come into the yard” routine, but the kitties are apparently smart. They didn’t want to come play and weren’t mesmerized by Loki’s constant staring like some mice and moles are. Kitties are a force to be reckoned with.

Sam has been incredibly unhappy in his crate today. He’s been crying and wooing, and even scratching at the crate, sometimes chewing at the crate and that’s even after he’s had his sleepy pill. The humans are very upset about this and don’t know what they can do about it. They tried to do a routine like they would be doing if they had to go to work, but they haven’t been really successful at that. They’ve given in to his whims, and sat down there with him, and went down there when he woos, but now they’re trying to be brave and let him go. They know that when they go to the work place, they won’t be there to comfort him, so he needs to just be in there and not get attention. I’m glad I’m not down there not getting attention. Its very sad.

I chased the gimpy mutatoe around the yard and fell down. I thought the human woman was going to have a coronary. Normally its fun causing her stress, but I think any more stress and she’ll explode at this point. I’m doing my best to be fluffy and comforting. I guess I just need to be more helpful during this time and not be a bother, but I’ll make up for it when he’s all better, which hopefully will be very soon.



  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Poor Sammy. He will be so lonely in his crate all by himself, without you and the Mutatoe. Hopefully he will sleep most of the day when your human goes back to work.

    Maybe she could tie him to something with his leash, so at least he can be out of his crate, but not do anything to himself.

    When are we going to see some pictures??


  2. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Happy New Year Meeshka - lets hope that 2007 is a wonderful year for all doggies and humans too :-)


    PS - hang in there with Sammy, and your mum, they both need you to be cute and fluffy at the moment :-)

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Somehow we believe the human woman almost had a coronary when you fell. Sammy has given her enough to worry about. Maybe you should settle for cute and fluffy for a while. It might get you another satin ball.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. Keep up the good fluffiness, Meeshka. It is good that Sammy feels well enough to want to be active, even though it is sad that he cannot be more active yet.


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