More HULA Pride merchandise

By popular demand, I've created t-shirts and other HULA goodies for everyone.

If you would like to submit a logo for HULA, please send them to me, I'd like to see your ideas and maybe it will become the official HULA logo! Of course, if you send it to me, it becomes MINE to use how I want, because everything is mine... except the gimpies, you can have the gimpies. Maybe I'll give a gimpy away to the winner of the logo thing... well, maybe that would make everydog not want to send anything in. I'll think of something cool to give to the winner. Like a garbage bag of my fluffiness or something.

Go buy HULA-riffic stuff!


  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Oh cool!!!! I'm gonna have to get more stuff now! Good thing the human woman doesn't keep tabs on her credit card so I can add a few more things to it!! heehee.


  2. Anonymous6:07 PM

    I absolutely love your stuff! Now if I could just get my mom to leave her credit card near the computer!



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