Sammy Update for 28 December 2006

The humans are plotting, planning, and buying things for Sammy's grand homecoming. If this is what it takes to get all of their attention... nah, no way, I'll just get my attention by being cute and fluffy.

The human woman started making a keening noise this morning over her oatmeal (which she didn't share) as she was reading some of the recovery instructions that the vet had given them with their bill. Apparently Sammy has to stay in his crate (which needs to be moved to a quiet place with dim lighting) for 8 whole weeks. We won't be allowed to even sniff him when he comes home, because apparently with all of the drugs messing with his mind, and the fact that he's vulnerable, he may freak out and get scared of us. I don't know how anyone could be scared of my fluffiness unless I meant to be scary, but fine, we'll leave him alone.

She started keening even more when she read that they needed to buy diapers, and baby wipes and all sorts of stuff. Apparently King Sammy will be just going in his crate, since he's only allowed out as long as he's calm (he's a husky) and will lay quietly (um, he's a husky), and to change his diaper, take his temperature once a day, and clean his crate (he's a husky).

We're not suppose to get him all riled up, get near him, sniff him, touch him, or do anything with him for 8 weeks. All that time he has to lay in his crate and heal. Yeah, this will be fun. That means 8 weeks of me being the toy for the gimpy suck up mutatoe.

This morning the human woman was worried because the human that called said he was a bit weak after the surgery and had some sort of thing called a urinary tract infection, but apparently that's normal and he's taking pills for it. The poor guy, on top of being in a crate all this time he has to take pills and things. In the afternoon when the human woman took a call and was much happier to hear that Sammy was feeling much better than in the morning, and he was even wagging his tail. That's especially good because that means his tail works. If his tail works then his back legs should also work, and if all of those work, then the chances are good that he'll be normal once he heals all up.

They both went out and bought a bunch of things today and put them downstairs, I guess for his own private little hideway for his recovery. I'm guessing that he'll also get to watch tv and stuff while he's down there. Sammy gets to stay in the place where we can't go, and I guess that's ok, as long as we get to play with him again soon.



  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    I'm glad he's doing much better. Do you think that your human woman will let him play on the internet while he is recovering?

  2. Anonymous9:01 PM

    8 weeks of cratedom ... oh poor, poor Sammy. He's going to be bored out of his gourd! Poor Mom and Dad too! But, hey, if this fixes him up then it will all be worth it! We'll keep our paws crossed for him!

  3. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Oh Sammy is coming home already. Is there a home coming pawty? Meeshka, I think you'll help alot by just being cute and fluffy.

    ~ fufu

  4. We are glad to hear Sammy is coming home soon! We wish him a speedy recovery.

  5. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Awwww, I am so sorry for your Mom and Dad and for poor Sammy. I am very curious though aout how you diaper a make Huskie though. How old is Sammy anyway?

  6. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Eight weeks? Ouch. It was bad enough trying to keep Tashi "quiet" for two weeks when she was spayed... that was when Couch #2 bit the dust.

  7. Anonymous11:42 PM

    I'm so glad Sammy will be better!

    He is going to go crazy crated like that. Husky's don't do too well with confinement for long periods, especially when the humans are home! I sure hope he has his own TV that is on Animal Planet 24/7 so he will have something to occupy his mind. Our human dad plays classical music during the day for us to help keep the outside sounds from attracting us to go outside and bark. It's very soothing. We also sleep with a fan running in the bedroom (I guess it's actually for the humans) and it is that "white noise" that also helps keep those outside noises from distracting us.

    Be good! I know it will be hard, and you will miss your Sammy, but just remember, future head slamming require him to heal for the next couple month's!!


  8. We hope Sammy will be able to endure his forced incarceration - what a bummer. But with you taking such good care of him and keeping the mutatoe at bay so he can heal, perhaps he'll heal extra quick so you can play with him again soon.

    Wooos to Sammy,
    Star & Sherms

  9. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Good news about Sammy but what a bummer to be crated for 8 weeks. Maybe the doctor said that to get you shocked and then will let Sammy out sooner because he has healed so well. One can hope. Anyway, Sammy is one lucky guy because we all know there are people out there who would have chosen an "easier" solution.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  10. Anonymous11:06 AM

    How soon 'til he comes home? I thought Tubey had a good idea - maybe he can do some blogging during his recovery!


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