Official HULA Certificate of Membership

Since I've received quite a few comments regarding the wonderful training that has been done by both Northern Breeds (who will officially govern the world, I myself shall be queen), and other breeds (including the rare Northern Breed hamster Fu-Fu), I have decided that we'll need to induct some new members into the HULA ranks.

So, for all of you who feel you are worthy of being a member of HULA and granted into the HULA hoop, please e-mail me with the following:
  1. A picture of yourself
  2. Your story of how you've accomplished one (or more) of the 7 HULA accomplishments (pictures of your deeds also encouraged)
  3. a return e-mail address
Those who are worthy will be inducted into the HULA hoop and receive their very own (stunning, and endorsed by me) HULA membership certificate (suitable for framing) like this one (which I made tiny so you devious breeds don't just print this one out and claim membership without official sponsorship) via e-mail. Your story and pictures will be posted on my blog for everyone to read and appreciate!

And NO, I'm not going to personalize them, I have my own training and clawing to do in preparation for our 1 January 2007 take-over of the world. Click on "e-mail me" link at the top of the blog to send in your stories and pictures. If you don't have pictures of the destruction and chaos, that's fine, but don't be making stuff up!

Meeshka (they better be good stories too!)


  1. Doodles thinks SadieMae should qualify, because she went to Arizona and all and she counter surfs and steals things. Da momma told me she does it right when you are looking at her too!!


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